Monday, December 22, 2008


Wow, it's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. THREE DAYS?!?!?!
Whew, it certainly has been a very, very busy holiday season. We've had over three feet of snow with more on the way, making it nearly impossible to get anything done outside of the house. One would think my house would be immaculate, but no...I've been so stressed out with school and so, so busy.
We're having our house appraised tomorrow and I'm nervous about that. I'm nervous that the lady will cancel, but I'm most nervous that our house won't go for what we need it to. The mortgage guy said he talked to the appraiser and said she pulled comps and he said we should be fine, but ya never know. This is the same lady that appraised us before, we had some problems, so I'm really nervous.


But, Christmas is almost here. It's almost like, as an adult, I get sad before Christmas. It used to be such fun as a kid, but now, I'm realizing that all of this, all of the excitement, ends so quickly. In a matter of a few hours (maybe) all of the anticipation is gone :( It's a sad way to look at it, and I am so very excited for Christmas. Maybe there have just been things that have dampened this holiday season, but I am kind of sad to see Christmas come and go!
Thursday, December 18, 2008


YEP, that's 7:45 this morning, officially 24 hours of snow, we had 27.5 inches with another 15-20 predicted to fall by 4 PM. Then, it's supposed to stop. Well, let's hope so because I have SHOPPING to do! We have no bread, no milk, no staple foods...yikes. I have some Amish Friendship bread that's ready to be baked but that only yields 2 loaves. LOL...
Brandon will most likely be coming home from work-they cannot get parts and he had to un-stick the plow guy with our suburban :)
So, this'll be a nice mellow day of me and the kiddos hanging out, doing a bit of baking, and, oh writing my paper on Environmental Ethics. Oh goody...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Give credit where credit is due

I have always been a perfectionist, always pushed myself to do the absolute best by anyone's standards. That is just flippin' exhausting! However, when I do put other people aside, I find that my own standards are pretty high. I expect a lot from myself, especially when it comes to school.

Sometimes I get really frustrated because I feel like people don't understand the hard work it takes to continue to excel in college. It is HARD work...this is not something that you just coast through, it takes very hard work. So, when I share my excitement about my grades with people close to me, I get discouraged when I get a 'whatever' response like "cool" lol. Ugh, ESPECIALLY from my husband! Of all people, he should be pretty darn excited, but all I get out of him is a 'that's great' or 'neat'

I have a 4.0, I've made the dean's's all a very big deal to me. Yet some don't understand why it's such a big deal. This isn't easy; I put everything I have in to school, often making sacrifices that I really don't want to make. My freedom is a good example. Rather than go out, I have a paper to write. Rather than do ______, I have homework and reading to do. This takes up a lot of time, but it is so important to me to do well in school, to continue to get A's. It's just simply not an option to get any less than that, and if that happens, I can't even begin to describe how that will devastate me.

Perfectionist...I guess everyone has their cross to bear. Sometimes perfectionism can be a blessing, but other times it can be a curse. Getting less than an A for me means failure, and that sends me down a really bummer path that I usually don't recover from. It's exactly what happened in school when I was bad grade and I was done. Never excelled after that, just did what I could to get by. I don't want to, no, I CAN'T repeat that.

Sometimes I wonder if it's the lack of encouragement that gets to me. It would be nice if people asked about it, or if Brandon could take the boys for a bit while I get ahead on my assignments. Instead, I tend to feel like it's a burden when I do homework. I try to do it when he's not around so that he doesn't feel like he's obligated to take the boys, because I feel like he doesn't want to. Maybe just a little extra encouragement, support, and help is what I need. But, how do you explain that to someone? He doesn't really understand, and I don't think anyone understands, that while a B or C might be acceptable to them, it's not to me. I don't know, maybe I should just lighten up...then I would feel like I'm not putting my all in to a class and I'd feel guilty. It's just a vicious cycle.
Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay, first off, I'm 100% supportive of people who do their own religion thing. I accept the fact that not everyone is a Christian, not everyone believes in God/Jesus, and some people commit atrocious crimes in the name of religion. The latter is um, not really acceptable to me, but I give them the freedom to believe what they believe I guess...
However, one thing that I have never, ever understood is first of all, how people can believe in Satan and NOT in God and vice versa. How can you believe in God's opposite if you don't believe in God?
But, why do people who don't believe in God/Jesus still celebrate Christmas? Um, CHRISTmas? Christmas for us Christians is the celebration of our Lord and Savior's birth, what does it represent for people who do not believe in him? If you do celebrate Christmas, isn't that sort of indirectly supporting or celebrating the birth of a religious figure?
I don't mean to attack anyone, because I am mostly curious about what it means to you, why you choose to celebrate it even though you don't believe in God/Jesus. Why not any other day of the year?

Boys' appointments

Justin and Owen had their annual checkups this morning, and all went well. Justin had his 4 yr checkup and Owen had his 3 yr checkup.
We'll start with Justin. He weighed in at 33 lbs (up 3 lbs since April) and he was 35 inches tall. He's a little guy as far as his height, but the doctor is pleased with his weight gain and the progress with the modified, gluten-free diet. He's doing well overall, and the doctor expressed some concern about his speech but just told me to spend more one-on-one time working with him, making sure he sees how I form words and that he repeats it.
Owen weighed in at 31 lbs and was 36 1/2 inches tall. The doctor is very impressed with Owen, he said he was a very, very smart kid. Owen was given a clean bill of health regarding his kidneys earlier this year but he would like a scan done when he starts kindergarten.

The doctor was very impressed with both of the boys. He said Justin had a great, mellow personality and that Owen was very bright. He said they both connect with people on an unusual level that he rarely sees, like they are very in tune to people, and that they are :) Made me feel good.

Justin got five shots today and Owen only got one, so Justin's had a rough day...

Time to sit down and watch a movie with the kiddos!
Monday, December 1, 2008

My domestic life

Browsing through the pictures of some of my old classmates, I came to realize that very few of them are in the situation I am in. As in, the domestic situation...and, why should they be in the same situation? My situation is far from typical!
I see them partying it up on crazy vacations, I see girls kissing random guys and vice versa. I see all kinds of crazy 'college' behavior and I can't help but think "I'm glad I missed that!" Isn't that a bizarre thing to think? I'm actually glad I missed all of that.
What I hate is when people feel sorry for me because I didn't experience the 'typical' teenager/young adult experience. From my point of view, I do not see what is so fun about hooking up with random people while I'm drunk at a frat party. The same shit for FOUR years...
Oh, but they feel sorry for me and make comments because I'm busy raising good men and productive members of society? How silly!

Eh, besides...


Rather than party it up and have vacations when i'm young and broke, I'll just wait til I'm 'old' and established :)
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

Okay, so I put up our Christmas tree yesterday. Turns out 9 feet is HUGE and this thing is definitely the dominating force in my living room right now! But, it looks really pretty, and I have to get a few more things for decorations tonight. Owen and Justin helped put an ornament on, and I put lighted garland along the ledge next to the tree. I also did our fireplace mantle about a week ago, so now it looks all pretty and put together!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid college

This is me yelling, kicking, screaming, and throwing a fit like a two year old.
Yep,throwing a fit I am...all because of this damn class. Stupid cultural anthropology!
I have to write a paper, and the assignment is so...confusing. I can't find the information I need and I have to bs my way through a paper on a subject I have no idea how to research. All of the resources they want you to use you have to freakin pay for! I can't do that!

So I'm having a brain clog right now. Very frustrating...
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homemaker's Haven: Week Three

Okay, so I have slacked a bit, but yesterday I got my behind in gear. My goal was to organize the boys' toys in to their own bins and clean up the boys' basement room. I did it, and it looks wonderful. We also have a new addition of REAL BEDS in their room, which I think I am more excited about than they are!
I have also set up a new morning routine:
Wake up and have breakfast with Brandon
Get the kids up and fed
Read my Bible
Get dishes done
Put in some laundry

And then break for lunch! After lunch the day is pretty much a free-for-all...

I did order something to help me make my entryway more inviting, so hopefully I'll get to work on that area next week!
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween!!

Justin wearing his Darth Vader candy bucket as a mask!!!!
Our pumpkins :)

Justin and Owen having fun...ever notice how my kids NEVER wear pants?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Homemaker's Haven: Week two

I'm jumping in at week two because I figured out in order to view most of the blog, I have to be on FireFox :) So, I didn't realize that until this morning and now we're all good.
So, week two!!!!

This morning I woke up and prayed to the Lord for some guidance as far as what I should 'tackle' today. My boys' room is in dire need of attention, so I'd like to go down there and organize their toys. However, I also want to work on a common I'm not sure what to do there, but I will pray about it and figure it out later.

I already have something of a morning routine, and it's been such a blessing for me.

See Brandon off to work
Get the kids breakfast and feed myself
Shower and baths
Put the dishes away from the dishwasher
put in a load of laundry
check email/finances

So far it's been working great. I do a program from a yahoo group called AuntieM's that suggests at least every day cleaning up your kitchen and doing laundry. Those two things are constant in our families, so might as well keep those up. Anything else is extra!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to take pictures of what I do today, but I'm gonna try!!!
Wednesday, October 15, 2008


How do you decide major things in your life? I don't know, it's like I have a brain traffic jam or something, I can never quite get a good answer out of myself about the major things.
Like having more kids, for instance. That is a HUGE issue right now that we are having a hard time figuring out. Do we have more kids, or should we just stop at three?
What kind of questions does one ask themself regarding this? If we all waited until we were at an ideal financial state, then we'd never have kids. If it was ever the exact, perfect right time, then we probably wouldn't ever have kids! This is so f*ing complicated. I mean, honestly, how DO you decide to have kids in general?
It was SOOOO MUCH EASIER having unplanned babies! At least then my mind was made up for me!
Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm so tired. Ever since the boys started the new habit of waking up at 5 AM, I have been exhausted! I just can't wake up, and after awhile, does anyone know if it's possibly for coffee to completely lose it's affect? Yeah, I get nothing from coffee anymore, and I hate the stuff so I don't even bother drinking it anymore lol!

Well, at least Brandon got his elk last Friday. That means we'll have meat for a good long time. I love elk roast, so hopefully we'll get a ton of that. I know it weighed in at 350# so hopefully we'll get a really great portion of decent meat :) We'll see! Micah shot his elk yesterday, so we get to keep the portion that we would have given him from our elk.

Ah, aside from that, it's a beautiful fall day! It's a little overcast and the air is nice and crisp. I'm debating bundling the boys up for a walk...but they're behaving horribly. Actually, maybe that's exactly what they need? I dunno, they're being little boogers right now.
Monday, October 6, 2008


Getting ready for hunting camp I've been busy busy busy! I feel like I have a whole bunch of stuff to do, and I probably do, but I am missing the motivation to get it done! I've done laundry and almost have that all folded and put away for the trip, but as far as anything else...NOPE!
We did go to the pumpkin patch this weekend, it was Carvers off 53 and Idaho. The boys had a good time picking out their pumpkins and they had a great selection! I have pictures, so I'll load those up later!
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall! Fall! Fall!

Ah, October is finally here! The leaves are falling, the animals are getting ready for winter, the air is, supposed to be crisp. But no, it's HOT here. It's been 80 some degrees for the last several days! Yuck. I'm sure that I'll miss the summer weather in the dead of winter, but yeah, I'm kinda going to be upset if we miss our fall weather. I love the rain, the cloudy all just makes you wanna cozy up inside and do some fairytale stuff, like drink hot cider and bake :) Anywho, despite the unseasonably warm weather, the leaves are falling and I have pics of the kids enjoying my freshly raked (ie: no longer raked) pile of leaves! I have tons of other pictures that I just loaded, so don't forget about my picture website, either. It's

Future football kicker??

Jacek, looking a little apprehensive

Justin "fishing" in the leaves

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank God it is FRIDAY!

So, even though we have a jam-packed weekend, I am so excited that it is Friday! It's just been one heck of a week. I made three seperate trips to the Post Office this week; spent about $25 or so on postage alone! Well, the book saga from yesterday-sending the stupid thing back cost me $9, then I sold two of my other books and that I used flat-rate so that was only $5, then I had another book I sent out and my brother's birthday presents.
Brandon was helping my BIL Billy get his truck running for hunting season and they, being the nice people they are, offered to pay for our food for hunting season. We weren't expecting *anything* from them; we know they needed the truck for hunting so why wouldn't we help them? But, it's nice when people do things like that for you, especially because we don't know how we'll pay for hunting camp food! Just one thing to check off the list before we go in what, two weeks? YIKES! I have a lot of stuff to do!
The boys are excited too. Justin keeps saying "Shoot deer? When are we gonna shoot deer?" Wow...they sure do start them young around here!
Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wow, has it really been a month since I posted? Gosh!
Anyway...vent, vent, vent. I have to because I am so frustrated. So, I have to order books for my next class which is a computer literacy class. First off, my school changed the books required as of August 1, so of course, I can't find them used! Second, I searched all over the internet to find this book, and I found the book with the same title, but a different ISBN number. Go figure, right? So, I get the book today, and the ISBN number listed on the book is NOT the same number that the school provided me with, but it IS the right book for the class. So, the school is 'inventing' their own funky ISBN numbers so students have to pay $105 through their library rather than finding the book for cheaper. So, I am returning the book to EdMap and buying the SAME book through someone else and I'm paying $63.99 for a brand-spanking-new book.

WHY do they do this? As if money isn't tight enough for students (let alone anyone else) right now. They feel the need to have these so-called custom books when they are no different from the actual books available elsewhere. How irritating!

So...I start my class on the 30th, I just hope I can get the other book before then. Now, I have to make my third post office trip of the week tonight so I can return this damn thing. God, that just really pisses me off!
Friday, August 22, 2008


Some seems that only a few words can describe certain people, and in this case, it's amazingly stupid.
I don't like to run around calling people stupid, but I swear, I have a case this time. Hypothetical situation: you take someone in, they use you for just about all you've got, steal things from you, talk badly behind your back, and then end a 'friendship' of 10 years because THEIR child broke a sprinkler...
Weeks later, they give you a call, exchange some casual banter, then casually slide in the fact that they are out a babysitter for the evening, hinting around that they want you to watch their kids? Would ya do it?

So yeah, this happened to me today. We took in my friend and her kids, had a horrible experience and our life nearly fell apart at the seams. We helped her out financially, running through our entire savings, all to have a big "screw you" for a thank you. Yeah. Her kids broke our cabinets, broke some windows, broke some screens, she stole from us, ruined things, left my house a complete disaster. Finally about a month ago, I had HAD it with her and her kids. She never pays attention to them, so they end up breaking things. Her son breaks a sprinkler, a few days later I let her know, and she ends up calling Brandon an ass, saying that her son was nowhere near our sprinkler when she KNOWS he was, and tells us (her words, not mine)  F*** you and to have a nice life.

Cool, considering we helped you out of a major jam. Whatever. But I was sick of it and I had told her she can't come over here anymore if her kids keep breaking stuff. The sprinkler wasn't a big deal, I even told her not to worry about replacing it because it isn't about the sprinkler, it's about the principle of the thing; she cannot just let her kids run wild and have no respect for other people's property and go and ruin things. Well she lost it and I didn't hear from her for about a month.

Then, a few weeks ago she calls after I had tried to get ahold of her (her apartments called me asking for her, she hadn't been at her apartment) and she gives me a sob story about how things are so horrible in her life and she's being evicted because she didn't pay her rent blah, blah, blah. And then she says that her new wonderful greater-than-great friends do all these fun things together and take the kids to the beach and she's bought all this stuff...whatever. So I casually let her go, knowing I have no intention of ever talking to her again. But, I did feel compelled last week to let her know that our church is having a school supply giveaway for low-income families, so I let her know.

She calls me today and immediately starts in with "I'm getting my daycare shut down" and then "now I have no one to watch my kids so I can go to a concert that I paid a lot of money for a ticket" WHINE WHINE WHINE. Side note: how can you afford a $100 concert ticket but you CANNOT pay your rent? Hmmm...

*anywho* She hints around that she wants me to offer to watch her kids, I don't offer, she gets frustrated and starts making it known that her kids don't remember me or my kids. I don't believe that because I can hear her kids in the background yelling "AUNTIE CHRISSY" so whatever...but like that is supposed to hurt me? I'm sorry, but I'd rather them not be around. She has no parenting skills whatsoever and her children are the ones who suffer. But then, she continues to act frustrated that I'm not offering to watch her kids and bringing up the concert.

Okay, let's stole from us, you 'borrowed' our money, you left my house a mess and let your kids kick holes in the wall and write on the walls, you stole my kids' clothes and toys, you bad-mouth me behind my back, call my husband all sorts of awful names and say he's an ass and he's worthless. Oh yeah, and you gave us a completely horrible reputation among our neighbors to the point where I have them coming up to me asking about child abuse allegations! How do I defend myself when they come up to me with something like that? Now, what would make YOU think that I would do ANYTHING for you? I've already done my part. You have had every opportunity to get your stuff together and you spit on it...

People...sometimes you just need to learn to help yourself, to get yourself a better life and on to a better path.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hubby loses job, hubby finds job...

Brandon gets laid off the day after our 4 year anniversary. Then, he finds a job a few days before we go to Vegas. Now, he quits that job to get a new, will this ever end?!?!?!

So, he thinks he's nailed a great job, and that's wonderful for him. I have worries, but I think things will be okay. God will take care of us, I'm sure of it. But, just as we're getting comfortable with the idea of this new job, TWO OTHER possibilities want to speak with him. Good Lord...he sure is letting his blessings RAIN down on us! Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, because now, we don't know what God wants us to do! So we pray, and we pray some more, and still no answers. We'll just have to keep praying that he gives us some insight on what to do, and I'm sure he'll guide us on the right path toward his ultimate plan.

The whole 'free will' thing scares me though. What if he's giving us this huge sign to take X job, but we just don't get it? I'm a dummy, and sometimes I wish things would just be spelled out, but that's not the reality.

So, here we are, back at square one. At least he has a job now, though, and we're not wondering how the heck we'll pay our bills. God sure does provide, sometimes it seems like he has a sense of humor about it, though!
Monday, August 11, 2008

We're back :)

Phew...we're back from Vegas and we had a wonderful time. I'll upload pictures at some
We saw Cirque's Mystere and it was PHENOMENAL! What an amazing show! I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Vegas and I would definitely see it again. We also saw Folies Bergere at The Tropicana and that was a cool show too. Oddly, the music was almost a little too loud to enjoy! Never thought I would say that, but it appears that in my old age, I just can't handle loud singing lol. That was nice because it was a free show...we attended the Tahiti Village timeshare presentation on Tuesday morning and it was well worth it. Tickets to the Folies show run about 45-55 bucks a person and we got three tickets. We also got free breakfast while we were at the presentation, so I think we made out pretty well.
It was awesome walking along the strip, too. Listening to all the different languages and seeing so many different people was really cool. I am a people watcher so that was one of the most thrilling experiences for me. On Thursday, our last night there, we went and saw the Freemont street experience which I personally didn't think was that great. As far as Brandon is concerned, he thought it was amazing, but I just expected something different, I guess.
I would love to go back at some point in the future, and I have to say that Vegas is definitely NOT a family place any more, so don't bring your kids! But I think if we went again, we'd stay at the Mirage. TI was nice, but the Mirage was SUPER nice :) We liked the casino, too, and did very well there. I would also get tickets for more shows in advance. They have the Tix4tonite place there, but I like having a plan, so I'll definitely book more stuff in advance the next time we go. Hopefully we get to go again.

In other news, Brandon started his new job today. I'm excited about it because it represents a fresh start in all aspects of our life! Literally, we're refinancing, he's got a new job...this allows us a second chance to not screw things up! The schedule is strange, like they have a staggered schedule, so one person comes in from 7 AM to 4 PM and then the other guy comes in at either 8 or 9 (can't remember) and works another 8 hour shift. Plus, he works every other Saturday, but sometimes he'll get Sunday and Wednesday off and sometimes he'll get Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. It's weird...we'll just have to see how things pan out! But, he's making comparable wages to Robideaux's and they also offer benefits. I know he's nervous because even though he's worked on all kinds of cars, he used to specialize in GM and now he will have to basically specialize in ALL cars. It'll be good for him, though, and I just hope this job works out.
Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Does anyone know if 'car addiction' is an actual addiction? If so, I believe I have a closet car-addiction sufferer, and his name is Brandon. This man, who apparently has the self-control of a 5 year old boy in a candy or toy store, cannot say no to a good deal. So, we find ourselves having 4 cars here soon...assuming we can get the money to pay for his latest project: a 1950 Cadillac. She is *gorgeous* and like, the barn find of the century. I can't fail to mention that she's cheap (someone apparently doesn't know the value of this car) and we have to move fast! So yeah, we're liquidating our house, practically! The baby stuff is all going, we're trying to get rid of the Blazer...he even put his paintball gun up for sale which has, to my surprise, been the biggest hit on Craigslist of the million items we have on there! LOL, then there's the lady who offered me $20 for a bike that is worth about 10 times that :) That was funny. We're only asking $75 for a bike that's worth a pretty good amount of money, and she comes in with a $20 offer. I just giggled and told her no thanks, not being mean or anything but honestly, 20 bucks is a bit silly.

So yeah...we're going to meet the guy tonight, give him some money to hold the car for us. He's in a band and will be going on tour throughout August, so we kind of have to wait until the end of the month to get the car, but as long as we actually GET the car, I don't mind giving him some money up front, provided he practically signs his life away to us saying that he won't sell the car to anyone else. Oh yeah, and it gives us some time to get our stuff in order since we're in the process of refinancing. So, we'll see how that goes!
Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I swear, stress can kill a person. Well, at the very least it will ruin your health. You're more prone to sickness when you're stressed...and I'm sick and stressed and now I'm pissed off about it!
Not sure how to alleviate some of the stress, because it's not just stuff you can sweep under the rug, so to speak.
We're looking at refinancing our house, but with the way the market is, it has proven difficult to get an accurate idea without paying for a $400 appraisal of what we'll actually appraise for. I've had some lenders call in saying "My appraiser here in Boise says that you're house can't be worth more than (insert lowball figure here)" and then I've had people give me a mid-range, but's so freaking nerve-wracking. Hey, I don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for some newbie appraiser to tell me my property doesn't even appraise for what I'd need to refinance, which I'm terrified will happen.
If the market was different, I probably would have signed on with the first darn company that sent me a good-faith estimate. Luckily I didn't, because that company happened to be Countrywide. As a matter of fact, they didn't even provide me with a GFE, he just told me everything over the phone. Thankfully, I had friends and family to smarten me up and realize Countrywide is bad news, so I continued to search. Wow, are there some greedy little f*ckers in this industry!!! $5800 for a 'broker fee' my arse! There's no way I'm shelling out that amount of cash for you to get me a crappy, most likely sub-prime loan. No thanks.
So, I contact one of Dave Ramsey's "Endorsed Local Providers" and I mean, he's *okay* lol. Not great, not horrible, but just 'okay'. He was supposed to call at 9:45 this morning, didn't get to me until 11. Then, he was supposed to have all my figures by 3:30 at the latest, and I get a phone call saying if he's lucky they "might get them out by the end of the day." Nice. Just what I need: a lender who drags their feet when mortgage rates are going up and up and up every day :)

So, I'm frustrated. I'm stressed. This whole refinancing thing is so freakin' scary because they basically dictate your life for the next X amount of years. Sometimes I wonder *why* we bought a house; now is one of those times. I mean, home ownership is great and all, and definitely has it's perks, but sometimes the crap you have to deal with just plain stinks. Usually people refinance to get some equity out of their house, or to lower their interest rates and payments. We just want to go from an interest-only (that we HAVE paid principal on, mind you) to a standard, 30 year fixed. We'd love to do a 15 yr, but we just can't afford the payments. I like the security of a 30 year fixed...the only 'adjustments' we'll be dealing with is adjustments for our impounds, like taxes and insurance. Plus, who knows where rates will be at in 3 years when our rate will adjust? They could be lower, they could be higher, but I know if we wait...Murphy's law :) If something can go wrong, it will; meaning that interest rates will go up and we'll be stuck with a *horrible* loan and an even worse interest rate. So, better safe than sorry.

Sorry for my long, long rant, but I'm so freaking stressed right now. Geez, normally writing a blog helps...not this time...still stressed...
OH CRAP...I still have school stuff to do, too. GREAT :)

Jacek's Birthday

Here he is enjoying his messiness! So, this is my little baby boy on his first birthday after successfully devouring his chocolate cake :) Ain't he cute?

I told y'all I would put a picture up eventually, but finally got around to it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Lots has been going on lately, so I have neglected my blog :( I'm usually a good girl, but I have been busy, so here's what's been going on:
School has been crazy, and this psychology class is really challenging for me, mainly because it's so 'deep' lol.
Jacek turned one on the 29th and we had my dad here until July 4th, so that should explain a week of no communication from me whatsoever.
We've generally just been busy, but lately, I have taken some great pictures of the boys. I promise I'll upload them soon!
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kojak is gone :(

Well, we did it. We found a safe, loving home for my lil buddy Kojak. I cried when he happily hopped in to the back of their van :(


I know they'll take care of him. They are great people, very nice, and they even said we can stop by any time to visit him if we need to! What a relief.

There comes a time

There comes a time when you just have to figure out your life. When you really need to examine what's important, what needs to change, what's not working...
Being so young, it feels like I have an awful lot of adult choices to make that I didn't expect to be making for another several years. The age-old question: to have more kids, or to not have more kids?
I didn't expect to have to answer that for a LONG time, but I also didn't count on the fact that I'd have three kids in three years! I would love to have more kids, but I have to decide what the reality is for us, for our situation. I have to figure out what's best for all of us as a family, and that is SO hard!!!
We've also decided that it's time to part ways with our beloved dogs, Mia and Kojak. We can't give them the love and attention they need, they deserve much better than what we can offer them. In my search to find homes for them, I came across a wonderful couple who will be adopting Kojak. The husband used to show St. Bernards which is a huge plus because he's familiar with large breeds and the problems they can have. This is in Kojak's best interest because we don't know what to do for him if he gets sick or hurt, we can't handle the problems that large breeds sometimes have. These people seem more than well-equipped to deal with anything that may come along.
As for Mia, well, not many people want a Blue Heeler. They can be rowdy, but they are such a bundle of love. I had one family express interest in her, but I'm not sure they are the right family for her. She requires a lot of attention and play, and they have two young kids and two other dogs.
This is such a hard thing to do, but I guess that's all part of the life-long road of maturation. Making big decisions you really don't want to make, but have to for the good of everyone/everything involved.
So, I'm really bummed right now. I just hope this can happen quickly, I don't want to prolong the sadness :(
Friday, June 13, 2008

Really, if you want to get Jacek something for his birthday...

Oh Lord...after cleaning up the basement today, I just realized that about the very last thing my kids need right now is more 'stuff' to fill up their toyboxes! We really have way too many toys, and they aren't in dire need of clothes, either. Goodness, I have a HUGE box of stuff to give away!
Doing this prompted me to want to try a "crap detox" both to get rid of our crap, but also to wean us off of consumerism. Kind of a strange goal, I know, but we live in a society where you almost *have* to show off what you have, and you don't want to announce the things that everyone else seems to have, but you don't. The crap detox 'diet' comes from millionairemommynextdoor, and her strategies are great.
So, all of these extra toys my kids don't need are going to the thrift store.
BUT, Jacek's first birthday is approaching. I know the only thing doting relatives want to do is shower him with gifts, but HE DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING! He has plenty of toys, honestly probably has enough clothes, and he has two older brothers to keep him occupied. He doesn't need anything. If you want to get him something for his birthday, either put money into his 529 *or* save the money and give it to us so we can buy him something he'll need for at least the next year: diapers! How un-fun am I, telling people to buy my kid diapers for his first birthday? Well, honestly, he's ONE. He'll play more with the packaging than the actual toy. The toy will get lost in the piles of toys, it won't be played with, so technically you just spent $10 on a really nice cardboard box. Hey...there's an idea...just go to wal-mart when they are stocking the shelves and ask for some cardboard boxes! That's free, and believe it or not, it'll help unleash the creative, imaginative side of all three kiddos! I'm actually serious about that, too.
I appreciate all the effort that my loving relatives take to get my kids nice toys, but you know? They just don't need toys. They have enough to last them quite some time, and you don't have to show your love for them by buying them things. I know that's how I like to show people that I really care: I buy them something. Flowers, cards, gifts...and I'll still continue to do things like that, but hopefully I can start implementing more sentimental value into the gifts I give, like the wonderful Father's day gift my dad has coming his way :)


I'll step off my soap-box for now...

Crap detox, here I come!
Friday, June 6, 2008

No title, just rambling

Wow, a lot has happened here since I last blogged! I turned 23, we entered in to a new month, I wrote my first academic paper in five years...but some things remain the same :) Children continue to get in to things and make messes, husbands still don't realize the importance of birthdays, and family events still manage to throw me in to some sort of psychotic behavior. Note to self: don't host any more family events! No, not really. I love hosting bbq's and birthdays, and especially Christmas. I really enjoy hosting Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas...a few recent comments have made me want to address something: We here at the Lickfold house LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Almost as much as Cam in "Good Luck Chuck" loves penguins. Really, it's an obsession. So, yes, we do still have our Christmas lights up and YES they will stay up until next Christmas. After realizing we hadn't taken them down last month (we, unlike our neighbors, are sort of blind to them) we decided that we'll just leave them up. After all, there's only 4 more months until we'd put them up anyway. Well, and the fact that going back up on the roof to take them down gives me a panic attack. Oh Lord, I can just see Brandon re-enacting a scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" on accident. *sigh* so yes, they stay up. We'r like the crazy redneck neighbors that leave their lights up all year long, but we don't actually leave them lit. Actually, I probably would because they look so pretty, but Brandon needed the extension cord for his air compressor, so they remain dark. Honestly, if people wouldn't threaten to throw me in to some kind of institution, I'd probably leave my Christmas tree up all year long as well. It just looks so darn pretty. All the lights and ornaments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I also only have one more week left of my first class. It's been pretty easy, but I know that it will just continue to get harder. Scary...
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Quinn's Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana

I sure hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend! I sure enjoyed Bran having an extra day off :)

We spent Saturday looking at campers and dealing with a really stupid camper salesman. The guy tried to sell us a tent camper! After myself, Letana, Brandon, and Scott told him we'd be taking the thing camping in OCTOBER, he finally got it! Well gee golly gosh, I guess a tent camper won't work when you're camping in 0 degree weather with snow on the ground! DUH!

On Sunday, Brandon and I met up with his parents and sisters at Quinn's Hot Springs in Pardise, Montana! Boy, that sure was nice! One thing that surprised me was that they allowed alcoholic drinks IN the pools lol...Boy that was entertaining to watch! But, you wouldn't think that alcohol and water, especially HOT water are a very smart mix. However, the backwoods redneck people at Quinn's beg to differ :) It was still fun! I think we'll probably be going back at some point.
On Monday, not much of anything happened. We had visitors all day, but the kids played in the water and Owen got himself a nice sunburn :( Poor guy...I'll put pictures on here at some point!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

While the kids are away...

So, the boys are at daycare today, and it seems eerily quiet in the Lickfold house! Kind of sad...I miss my kids!
I always go into Thursdays thinking I'm going to get loads of stuff done, but I never do. I either run around town like a crazy person trying to get tons of shopping done, or I just sit and listen to the quiet.
Today we had to get the Ford registered, and I was shocked when she told us it'd be 135 bucks for the plates/tabs/paperwork...yuck. And I look on the stupid tabs because we got it licensed as a truck (since we'll most likely be hauling stuff) and they're only good until December of this year! What kind of bum deal is that?!?!?! Stupid...but, I'd rather not take the chance of having regular passenger vehicle plates, hauling a trailer, then being over the weight limit and getting a hefty fine! I guess that means bye-bye massage and bye-bye shopping for today!
HAH! As if I don't have enought to do around the house?? I have tons of cleaning to get done, and I have to clear out all of the clothes that no longer fit Jacek (which is about 90% of his wardrobe.) Oh yeah, and school...I have to remember to study...

There's never a dull moment here people...never a dull moment.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008


What mom? Ice cream? I haven't seen any ice cream...

Ain't he precious?

Owen is very proud of his bag of bath toys :)


I found this picture funny...Jacek terrorizes his poor older brothers in hopes that they drop their food and run. It usually works...

LOL...I guess he wants some milk with his chocolate!!!!

It's amazing...I tell the child to give me a 'serious' look, an this is what I get. LOL :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Welcome to my newest little project. Hopefully through this blog everyone who wants a little peek at what's going on in our lives will have access to it! You know, sometimes you just wish you could peek in someone's front window and observe how their family works? Well...this is kind of like that! I'll have updates as much as I can, and feel free to leave some love!