Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Quinn's Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana

I sure hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend! I sure enjoyed Bran having an extra day off :)

We spent Saturday looking at campers and dealing with a really stupid camper salesman. The guy tried to sell us a tent camper! After myself, Letana, Brandon, and Scott told him we'd be taking the thing camping in OCTOBER, he finally got it! Well gee golly gosh, I guess a tent camper won't work when you're camping in 0 degree weather with snow on the ground! DUH!

On Sunday, Brandon and I met up with his parents and sisters at Quinn's Hot Springs in Pardise, Montana! Boy, that sure was nice! One thing that surprised me was that they allowed alcoholic drinks IN the pools lol...Boy that was entertaining to watch! But, you wouldn't think that alcohol and water, especially HOT water are a very smart mix. However, the backwoods redneck people at Quinn's beg to differ :) It was still fun! I think we'll probably be going back at some point.
On Monday, not much of anything happened. We had visitors all day, but the kids played in the water and Owen got himself a nice sunburn :( Poor guy...I'll put pictures on here at some point!