Thursday, May 22, 2008

While the kids are away...

So, the boys are at daycare today, and it seems eerily quiet in the Lickfold house! Kind of sad...I miss my kids!
I always go into Thursdays thinking I'm going to get loads of stuff done, but I never do. I either run around town like a crazy person trying to get tons of shopping done, or I just sit and listen to the quiet.
Today we had to get the Ford registered, and I was shocked when she told us it'd be 135 bucks for the plates/tabs/paperwork...yuck. And I look on the stupid tabs because we got it licensed as a truck (since we'll most likely be hauling stuff) and they're only good until December of this year! What kind of bum deal is that?!?!?! Stupid...but, I'd rather not take the chance of having regular passenger vehicle plates, hauling a trailer, then being over the weight limit and getting a hefty fine! I guess that means bye-bye massage and bye-bye shopping for today!
HAH! As if I don't have enought to do around the house?? I have tons of cleaning to get done, and I have to clear out all of the clothes that no longer fit Jacek (which is about 90% of his wardrobe.) Oh yeah, and school...I have to remember to study...

There's never a dull moment here people...never a dull moment.