Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kojak is gone :(

Well, we did it. We found a safe, loving home for my lil buddy Kojak. I cried when he happily hopped in to the back of their van :(


I know they'll take care of him. They are great people, very nice, and they even said we can stop by any time to visit him if we need to! What a relief.

There comes a time

There comes a time when you just have to figure out your life. When you really need to examine what's important, what needs to change, what's not working...
Being so young, it feels like I have an awful lot of adult choices to make that I didn't expect to be making for another several years. The age-old question: to have more kids, or to not have more kids?
I didn't expect to have to answer that for a LONG time, but I also didn't count on the fact that I'd have three kids in three years! I would love to have more kids, but I have to decide what the reality is for us, for our situation. I have to figure out what's best for all of us as a family, and that is SO hard!!!
We've also decided that it's time to part ways with our beloved dogs, Mia and Kojak. We can't give them the love and attention they need, they deserve much better than what we can offer them. In my search to find homes for them, I came across a wonderful couple who will be adopting Kojak. The husband used to show St. Bernards which is a huge plus because he's familiar with large breeds and the problems they can have. This is in Kojak's best interest because we don't know what to do for him if he gets sick or hurt, we can't handle the problems that large breeds sometimes have. These people seem more than well-equipped to deal with anything that may come along.
As for Mia, well, not many people want a Blue Heeler. They can be rowdy, but they are such a bundle of love. I had one family express interest in her, but I'm not sure they are the right family for her. She requires a lot of attention and play, and they have two young kids and two other dogs.
This is such a hard thing to do, but I guess that's all part of the life-long road of maturation. Making big decisions you really don't want to make, but have to for the good of everyone/everything involved.
So, I'm really bummed right now. I just hope this can happen quickly, I don't want to prolong the sadness :(
Friday, June 13, 2008

Really, if you want to get Jacek something for his birthday...

Oh Lord...after cleaning up the basement today, I just realized that about the very last thing my kids need right now is more 'stuff' to fill up their toyboxes! We really have way too many toys, and they aren't in dire need of clothes, either. Goodness, I have a HUGE box of stuff to give away!
Doing this prompted me to want to try a "crap detox" both to get rid of our crap, but also to wean us off of consumerism. Kind of a strange goal, I know, but we live in a society where you almost *have* to show off what you have, and you don't want to announce the things that everyone else seems to have, but you don't. The crap detox 'diet' comes from millionairemommynextdoor, and her strategies are great.
So, all of these extra toys my kids don't need are going to the thrift store.
BUT, Jacek's first birthday is approaching. I know the only thing doting relatives want to do is shower him with gifts, but HE DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING! He has plenty of toys, honestly probably has enough clothes, and he has two older brothers to keep him occupied. He doesn't need anything. If you want to get him something for his birthday, either put money into his 529 *or* save the money and give it to us so we can buy him something he'll need for at least the next year: diapers! How un-fun am I, telling people to buy my kid diapers for his first birthday? Well, honestly, he's ONE. He'll play more with the packaging than the actual toy. The toy will get lost in the piles of toys, it won't be played with, so technically you just spent $10 on a really nice cardboard box. Hey...there's an idea...just go to wal-mart when they are stocking the shelves and ask for some cardboard boxes! That's free, and believe it or not, it'll help unleash the creative, imaginative side of all three kiddos! I'm actually serious about that, too.
I appreciate all the effort that my loving relatives take to get my kids nice toys, but you know? They just don't need toys. They have enough to last them quite some time, and you don't have to show your love for them by buying them things. I know that's how I like to show people that I really care: I buy them something. Flowers, cards, gifts...and I'll still continue to do things like that, but hopefully I can start implementing more sentimental value into the gifts I give, like the wonderful Father's day gift my dad has coming his way :)


I'll step off my soap-box for now...

Crap detox, here I come!
Friday, June 6, 2008

No title, just rambling

Wow, a lot has happened here since I last blogged! I turned 23, we entered in to a new month, I wrote my first academic paper in five years...but some things remain the same :) Children continue to get in to things and make messes, husbands still don't realize the importance of birthdays, and family events still manage to throw me in to some sort of psychotic behavior. Note to self: don't host any more family events! No, not really. I love hosting bbq's and birthdays, and especially Christmas. I really enjoy hosting Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas...a few recent comments have made me want to address something: We here at the Lickfold house LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Almost as much as Cam in "Good Luck Chuck" loves penguins. Really, it's an obsession. So, yes, we do still have our Christmas lights up and YES they will stay up until next Christmas. After realizing we hadn't taken them down last month (we, unlike our neighbors, are sort of blind to them) we decided that we'll just leave them up. After all, there's only 4 more months until we'd put them up anyway. Well, and the fact that going back up on the roof to take them down gives me a panic attack. Oh Lord, I can just see Brandon re-enacting a scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" on accident. *sigh* so yes, they stay up. We'r like the crazy redneck neighbors that leave their lights up all year long, but we don't actually leave them lit. Actually, I probably would because they look so pretty, but Brandon needed the extension cord for his air compressor, so they remain dark. Honestly, if people wouldn't threaten to throw me in to some kind of institution, I'd probably leave my Christmas tree up all year long as well. It just looks so darn pretty. All the lights and ornaments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I also only have one more week left of my first class. It's been pretty easy, but I know that it will just continue to get harder. Scary...