Friday, June 6, 2008

No title, just rambling

Wow, a lot has happened here since I last blogged! I turned 23, we entered in to a new month, I wrote my first academic paper in five years...but some things remain the same :) Children continue to get in to things and make messes, husbands still don't realize the importance of birthdays, and family events still manage to throw me in to some sort of psychotic behavior. Note to self: don't host any more family events! No, not really. I love hosting bbq's and birthdays, and especially Christmas. I really enjoy hosting Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas...a few recent comments have made me want to address something: We here at the Lickfold house LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Almost as much as Cam in "Good Luck Chuck" loves penguins. Really, it's an obsession. So, yes, we do still have our Christmas lights up and YES they will stay up until next Christmas. After realizing we hadn't taken them down last month (we, unlike our neighbors, are sort of blind to them) we decided that we'll just leave them up. After all, there's only 4 more months until we'd put them up anyway. Well, and the fact that going back up on the roof to take them down gives me a panic attack. Oh Lord, I can just see Brandon re-enacting a scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" on accident. *sigh* so yes, they stay up. We'r like the crazy redneck neighbors that leave their lights up all year long, but we don't actually leave them lit. Actually, I probably would because they look so pretty, but Brandon needed the extension cord for his air compressor, so they remain dark. Honestly, if people wouldn't threaten to throw me in to some kind of institution, I'd probably leave my Christmas tree up all year long as well. It just looks so darn pretty. All the lights and ornaments make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I also only have one more week left of my first class. It's been pretty easy, but I know that it will just continue to get harder. Scary...