Friday, June 13, 2008

Really, if you want to get Jacek something for his birthday...

Oh Lord...after cleaning up the basement today, I just realized that about the very last thing my kids need right now is more 'stuff' to fill up their toyboxes! We really have way too many toys, and they aren't in dire need of clothes, either. Goodness, I have a HUGE box of stuff to give away!
Doing this prompted me to want to try a "crap detox" both to get rid of our crap, but also to wean us off of consumerism. Kind of a strange goal, I know, but we live in a society where you almost *have* to show off what you have, and you don't want to announce the things that everyone else seems to have, but you don't. The crap detox 'diet' comes from millionairemommynextdoor, and her strategies are great.
So, all of these extra toys my kids don't need are going to the thrift store.
BUT, Jacek's first birthday is approaching. I know the only thing doting relatives want to do is shower him with gifts, but HE DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING! He has plenty of toys, honestly probably has enough clothes, and he has two older brothers to keep him occupied. He doesn't need anything. If you want to get him something for his birthday, either put money into his 529 *or* save the money and give it to us so we can buy him something he'll need for at least the next year: diapers! How un-fun am I, telling people to buy my kid diapers for his first birthday? Well, honestly, he's ONE. He'll play more with the packaging than the actual toy. The toy will get lost in the piles of toys, it won't be played with, so technically you just spent $10 on a really nice cardboard box. Hey...there's an idea...just go to wal-mart when they are stocking the shelves and ask for some cardboard boxes! That's free, and believe it or not, it'll help unleash the creative, imaginative side of all three kiddos! I'm actually serious about that, too.
I appreciate all the effort that my loving relatives take to get my kids nice toys, but you know? They just don't need toys. They have enough to last them quite some time, and you don't have to show your love for them by buying them things. I know that's how I like to show people that I really care: I buy them something. Flowers, cards, gifts...and I'll still continue to do things like that, but hopefully I can start implementing more sentimental value into the gifts I give, like the wonderful Father's day gift my dad has coming his way :)


I'll step off my soap-box for now...

Crap detox, here I come!