Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I swear, stress can kill a person. Well, at the very least it will ruin your health. You're more prone to sickness when you're stressed...and I'm sick and stressed and now I'm pissed off about it!
Not sure how to alleviate some of the stress, because it's not just stuff you can sweep under the rug, so to speak.
We're looking at refinancing our house, but with the way the market is, it has proven difficult to get an accurate idea without paying for a $400 appraisal of what we'll actually appraise for. I've had some lenders call in saying "My appraiser here in Boise says that you're house can't be worth more than (insert lowball figure here)" and then I've had people give me a mid-range, but's so freaking nerve-wracking. Hey, I don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for some newbie appraiser to tell me my property doesn't even appraise for what I'd need to refinance, which I'm terrified will happen.
If the market was different, I probably would have signed on with the first darn company that sent me a good-faith estimate. Luckily I didn't, because that company happened to be Countrywide. As a matter of fact, they didn't even provide me with a GFE, he just told me everything over the phone. Thankfully, I had friends and family to smarten me up and realize Countrywide is bad news, so I continued to search. Wow, are there some greedy little f*ckers in this industry!!! $5800 for a 'broker fee' my arse! There's no way I'm shelling out that amount of cash for you to get me a crappy, most likely sub-prime loan. No thanks.
So, I contact one of Dave Ramsey's "Endorsed Local Providers" and I mean, he's *okay* lol. Not great, not horrible, but just 'okay'. He was supposed to call at 9:45 this morning, didn't get to me until 11. Then, he was supposed to have all my figures by 3:30 at the latest, and I get a phone call saying if he's lucky they "might get them out by the end of the day." Nice. Just what I need: a lender who drags their feet when mortgage rates are going up and up and up every day :)

So, I'm frustrated. I'm stressed. This whole refinancing thing is so freakin' scary because they basically dictate your life for the next X amount of years. Sometimes I wonder *why* we bought a house; now is one of those times. I mean, home ownership is great and all, and definitely has it's perks, but sometimes the crap you have to deal with just plain stinks. Usually people refinance to get some equity out of their house, or to lower their interest rates and payments. We just want to go from an interest-only (that we HAVE paid principal on, mind you) to a standard, 30 year fixed. We'd love to do a 15 yr, but we just can't afford the payments. I like the security of a 30 year fixed...the only 'adjustments' we'll be dealing with is adjustments for our impounds, like taxes and insurance. Plus, who knows where rates will be at in 3 years when our rate will adjust? They could be lower, they could be higher, but I know if we wait...Murphy's law :) If something can go wrong, it will; meaning that interest rates will go up and we'll be stuck with a *horrible* loan and an even worse interest rate. So, better safe than sorry.

Sorry for my long, long rant, but I'm so freaking stressed right now. Geez, normally writing a blog helps...not this time...still stressed...
OH CRAP...I still have school stuff to do, too. GREAT :)