Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank God it is FRIDAY!

So, even though we have a jam-packed weekend, I am so excited that it is Friday! It's just been one heck of a week. I made three seperate trips to the Post Office this week; spent about $25 or so on postage alone! Well, the book saga from yesterday-sending the stupid thing back cost me $9, then I sold two of my other books and that I used flat-rate so that was only $5, then I had another book I sent out and my brother's birthday presents.
Brandon was helping my BIL Billy get his truck running for hunting season and they, being the nice people they are, offered to pay for our food for hunting season. We weren't expecting *anything* from them; we know they needed the truck for hunting so why wouldn't we help them? But, it's nice when people do things like that for you, especially because we don't know how we'll pay for hunting camp food! Just one thing to check off the list before we go in what, two weeks? YIKES! I have a lot of stuff to do!
The boys are excited too. Justin keeps saying "Shoot deer? When are we gonna shoot deer?" Wow...they sure do start them young around here!
Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wow, has it really been a month since I posted? Gosh!
Anyway...vent, vent, vent. I have to because I am so frustrated. So, I have to order books for my next class which is a computer literacy class. First off, my school changed the books required as of August 1, so of course, I can't find them used! Second, I searched all over the internet to find this book, and I found the book with the same title, but a different ISBN number. Go figure, right? So, I get the book today, and the ISBN number listed on the book is NOT the same number that the school provided me with, but it IS the right book for the class. So, the school is 'inventing' their own funky ISBN numbers so students have to pay $105 through their library rather than finding the book for cheaper. So, I am returning the book to EdMap and buying the SAME book through someone else and I'm paying $63.99 for a brand-spanking-new book.

WHY do they do this? As if money isn't tight enough for students (let alone anyone else) right now. They feel the need to have these so-called custom books when they are no different from the actual books available elsewhere. How irritating!

So...I start my class on the 30th, I just hope I can get the other book before then. Now, I have to make my third post office trip of the week tonight so I can return this damn thing. God, that just really pisses me off!