Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween!!

Justin wearing his Darth Vader candy bucket as a mask!!!!
Our pumpkins :)

Justin and Owen having fun...ever notice how my kids NEVER wear pants?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Homemaker's Haven: Week two

I'm jumping in at week two because I figured out in order to view most of the blog, I have to be on FireFox :) So, I didn't realize that until this morning and now we're all good.
So, week two!!!!

This morning I woke up and prayed to the Lord for some guidance as far as what I should 'tackle' today. My boys' room is in dire need of attention, so I'd like to go down there and organize their toys. However, I also want to work on a common area...so I'm not sure what to do there, but I will pray about it and figure it out later.

I already have something of a morning routine, and it's been such a blessing for me.

See Brandon off to work
Get the kids breakfast and feed myself
Shower and baths
Put the dishes away from the dishwasher
put in a load of laundry
check email/finances

So far it's been working great. I do a program from a yahoo group called AuntieM's that suggests at least every day cleaning up your kitchen and doing laundry. Those two things are constant in our families, so might as well keep those up. Anything else is extra!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to take pictures of what I do today, but I'm gonna try!!!
Wednesday, October 15, 2008


How do you decide major things in your life? I don't know, it's like I have a brain traffic jam or something, I can never quite get a good answer out of myself about the major things.
Like having more kids, for instance. That is a HUGE issue right now that we are having a hard time figuring out. Do we have more kids, or should we just stop at three?
What kind of questions does one ask themself regarding this? If we all waited until we were at an ideal financial state, then we'd never have kids. If it was ever the exact, perfect right time, then we probably wouldn't ever have kids! This is so f*ing complicated. I mean, honestly, how DO you decide to have kids in general?
It was SOOOO MUCH EASIER having unplanned babies! At least then my mind was made up for me!
Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm so tired. Ever since the boys started the new habit of waking up at 5 AM, I have been exhausted! I just can't wake up, and after awhile, does anyone know if it's possibly for coffee to completely lose it's affect? Yeah, I get nothing from coffee anymore, and I hate the stuff so I don't even bother drinking it anymore lol!

Well, at least Brandon got his elk last Friday. That means we'll have meat for a good long time. I love elk roast, so hopefully we'll get a ton of that. I know it weighed in at 350# so hopefully we'll get a really great portion of decent meat :) We'll see! Micah shot his elk yesterday, so we get to keep the portion that we would have given him from our elk.

Ah, aside from that, it's a beautiful fall day! It's a little overcast and the air is nice and crisp. I'm debating bundling the boys up for a walk...but they're behaving horribly. Actually, maybe that's exactly what they need? I dunno, they're being little boogers right now.
Monday, October 6, 2008


Getting ready for hunting camp today...so I've been busy busy busy! I feel like I have a whole bunch of stuff to do, and I probably do, but I am missing the motivation to get it done! I've done laundry and almost have that all folded and put away for the trip, but as far as anything else...NOPE!
We did go to the pumpkin patch this weekend, it was Carvers off 53 and Idaho. The boys had a good time picking out their pumpkins and they had a great selection! I have pictures, so I'll load those up later!
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall! Fall! Fall!

Ah, October is finally here! The leaves are falling, the animals are getting ready for winter, the air is, er...is supposed to be crisp. But no, it's HOT here. It's been 80 some degrees for the last several days! Yuck. I'm sure that I'll miss the summer weather in the dead of winter, but yeah, I'm kinda going to be upset if we miss our fall weather. I love the rain, the cloudy weather...it all just makes you wanna cozy up inside and do some fairytale stuff, like drink hot cider and bake :) Anywho, despite the unseasonably warm weather, the leaves are falling and I have pics of the kids enjoying my freshly raked (ie: no longer raked) pile of leaves! I have tons of other pictures that I just loaded, so don't forget about my picture website, either. It's http://picasaweb.google.com/mrslickfold

Future football kicker??

Jacek, looking a little apprehensive

Justin "fishing" in the leaves