Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall! Fall! Fall!

Ah, October is finally here! The leaves are falling, the animals are getting ready for winter, the air is, supposed to be crisp. But no, it's HOT here. It's been 80 some degrees for the last several days! Yuck. I'm sure that I'll miss the summer weather in the dead of winter, but yeah, I'm kinda going to be upset if we miss our fall weather. I love the rain, the cloudy all just makes you wanna cozy up inside and do some fairytale stuff, like drink hot cider and bake :) Anywho, despite the unseasonably warm weather, the leaves are falling and I have pics of the kids enjoying my freshly raked (ie: no longer raked) pile of leaves! I have tons of other pictures that I just loaded, so don't forget about my picture website, either. It's

Future football kicker??

Jacek, looking a little apprehensive

Justin "fishing" in the leaves