Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homemaker's Haven: Week Three

Okay, so I have slacked a bit, but yesterday I got my behind in gear. My goal was to organize the boys' toys in to their own bins and clean up the boys' basement room. I did it, and it looks wonderful. We also have a new addition of REAL BEDS in their room, which I think I am more excited about than they are!
I have also set up a new morning routine:
Wake up and have breakfast with Brandon
Get the kids up and fed
Read my Bible
Get dishes done
Put in some laundry

And then break for lunch! After lunch the day is pretty much a free-for-all...

I did order something to help me make my entryway more inviting, so hopefully I'll get to work on that area next week!


dana said...

Real Beds?? Awesome!! are they still doing the Thomas Theme?

The Mrs. said...

Justin has thomas themed stuff, but Owen I think is wanting Transformers or Star Wars...
WHY does that not surprise me? Light Sabers or giant cars with cannons...

dana said...

Haha!! that doesn't surprise me at all.. Good that makes for some awesome Birthday Ideas! :)