Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boys' appointments

Justin and Owen had their annual checkups this morning, and all went well. Justin had his 4 yr checkup and Owen had his 3 yr checkup.
We'll start with Justin. He weighed in at 33 lbs (up 3 lbs since April) and he was 35 inches tall. He's a little guy as far as his height, but the doctor is pleased with his weight gain and the progress with the modified, gluten-free diet. He's doing well overall, and the doctor expressed some concern about his speech but just told me to spend more one-on-one time working with him, making sure he sees how I form words and that he repeats it.
Owen weighed in at 31 lbs and was 36 1/2 inches tall. The doctor is very impressed with Owen, he said he was a very, very smart kid. Owen was given a clean bill of health regarding his kidneys earlier this year but he would like a scan done when he starts kindergarten.

The doctor was very impressed with both of the boys. He said Justin had a great, mellow personality and that Owen was very bright. He said they both connect with people on an unusual level that he rarely sees, like they are very in tune to people, and that they are :) Made me feel good.

Justin got five shots today and Owen only got one, so Justin's had a rough day...

Time to sit down and watch a movie with the kiddos!


dana said...

Awesome! I'm glad the boys are doing well.. what cracks me up though is that we think Ethan is up to 35lbs now!! What a stinkin' chunk i have!

Did the doc check out your ears at all??