Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay, first off, I'm 100% supportive of people who do their own religion thing. I accept the fact that not everyone is a Christian, not everyone believes in God/Jesus, and some people commit atrocious crimes in the name of religion. The latter is um, not really acceptable to me, but I give them the freedom to believe what they believe I guess...
However, one thing that I have never, ever understood is first of all, how people can believe in Satan and NOT in God and vice versa. How can you believe in God's opposite if you don't believe in God?
But, why do people who don't believe in God/Jesus still celebrate Christmas? Um, CHRISTmas? Christmas for us Christians is the celebration of our Lord and Savior's birth, what does it represent for people who do not believe in him? If you do celebrate Christmas, isn't that sort of indirectly supporting or celebrating the birth of a religious figure?
I don't mean to attack anyone, because I am mostly curious about what it means to you, why you choose to celebrate it even though you don't believe in God/Jesus. Why not any other day of the year?


MichelleC said...

These are really good thoughts that I have asked myself time and time again...Too throw more questiosn on the plate though.I have just been informed that not all christians celebrate CHRISTmas..Mostly becuase Jesus was born in September and the whole Pagan thing with it's christmas roots...I have a friend who won't come over to visit because we have a tree in our house..IDK..I guess I try not to judge that too much because we don't do Halloween and would feel uncomfortable visiting a house that was decked out with vampires,ghoust and

Oh, My name is MichelleC.I am on the Above Rubies group. :o)

My family has always done Christmas on the 25th while my DH's family do it on the 24th..from 9-midnight no less...needless to say..with 5 kids..I alwasy feel convicted to not rearange my kids bedtime and for them to be super cranky staying up so late and having to get up early on the I always stay home with all the young ones and just my oldest goes. :o) No harm done and most times they all gather the next day here and We do our exchanging with them..Kwim?