Monday, December 1, 2008

My domestic life

Browsing through the pictures of some of my old classmates, I came to realize that very few of them are in the situation I am in. As in, the domestic situation...and, why should they be in the same situation? My situation is far from typical!
I see them partying it up on crazy vacations, I see girls kissing random guys and vice versa. I see all kinds of crazy 'college' behavior and I can't help but think "I'm glad I missed that!" Isn't that a bizarre thing to think? I'm actually glad I missed all of that.
What I hate is when people feel sorry for me because I didn't experience the 'typical' teenager/young adult experience. From my point of view, I do not see what is so fun about hooking up with random people while I'm drunk at a frat party. The same shit for FOUR years...
Oh, but they feel sorry for me and make comments because I'm busy raising good men and productive members of society? How silly!

Eh, besides...


Rather than party it up and have vacations when i'm young and broke, I'll just wait til I'm 'old' and established :)


dana said...

Wow.. you just wrote exactly what i think.. I see alot of my friends from Washington drinking and going crazy and from time to time i'll admit i think "wow it would be nice to be free without responsiblity" and then i look at all i have.. I love being a mom, i love being domesticated and i love that i have a career and a family, while none of them have even begun to think about their futures.. sucks to be them.. partying and traveling will be so much more fun when the kids are out of the house and we actually have the money to do so!!!


ps.. myspace message to come..

BygracegoI said...

OH you are so right. Your not missing a thing!!! I didn't miss it but my life was much different then too. I was married and had my first child by the time my classmates were in college. When I did go back to school, I was older than the other students so I was able to focus more on my studies than being a social butterfly! lol (I was never a party girl) You are doing what God has called you to do! Raising good honorable men! YOU GO GIRL!!