Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bathroom- Complete!!!

So, Brandon and I put the finishing touches on the bathroom last night. That included an oil rubbed bronze shower rod, toilet paper holder, and flusher lol. Okay, so he went overboard with the coordinating accessories! I'm not complaining!
So, here's some before/after pictures!



I don't know why the his/hers wall looks brown, it's actually a really pure white. It's just the lighting. Everything in the bathroom is new, all the way down to the plumbing. And, instead of having a tub that drains at 11" lol...mine now drains at something like 20 or 21" or something. It's DEEP and the kids now refer to my tub as the 'big' tub.

We painted the bottom half of the room a green color. Initially I was going to do red, but green looked so much better. So much more natural and relaxing. I kid you not this is like sitting in a spa, I LOVE it. The slate gives it a great feel, too, because you feel like you're showering in a cave or something.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this! We didn't do too bad money-wise but I do think it cost a bit more than I anticipated.

In other news...we have run in to yet another brick wall with the refinance-the whole reason of doing the bathroom in the first place. So, if you all could say a quick prayer that things just work out for us, it would be appreciated.


dana said...

I was going to text you last night and say so, but by the time i got my phone out of the car it was already 9:30..

Congrats on the completed bathroom!