Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm having a "Bruce Almighty" day...

"Yeah...let's thank God, shall we? For His blessings are raining down upon me. Wait...that's not rain!"

So, I have officially dubbed this a "Bruce" day in the spirit of feeling like God is messing with me. Now I know that God presents us with challenges, but it feels like the whole past YEAR has been a giant challenge. Can't something go right?

Ah HA! I've found the problem and it lies in the sentence above: Can't something go right...

Let's explore: Can't something go right would perhaps mean that nothing has gone right. Well, that's just silly and a little unrealistic. Surely something has gone right? Well, things have definitely gone right, but I guess not according to plan. Whose plan? MY plan! Well duh, things often DON'T go according to our own plan. Things happen on His timing.

So why then has the same situation been presented over and over again and always fails miserably? It feels like there is a carrot dangling in front of my face and then it's taken away, then dangled again, then taken away. And *just* when I think I'm finally going to get that damn carrot, it goes away again!

This refinance has been an uphill battle from the beginning. Starting all the way back in July, we've invested hundreds of dollars and HOURS in to doing whatever it is the lender in the monkey suit wants us to do. We finally think it'll go through after a few other failed attempts either because we got scared and bailed or because of unfortunate timing (IE: job loss lol) and BAM...confronted with another problem. This time because Brandon's old employer said he got paid a salary and his new employer says he works on commission. UGH! WHY is this a problem...of all things THIS? After weeks of trying to get the old employer to change their paperwork because Bran was never paid a salary, we still have gotten nowhere. Now we wait. I'm just so sick of waiting. We're so close, yet so far away.

It is a situation like this, where everything is going off without a hitch and then something goes wrong that makes me feel like I'm being picked on!

The reality: I'm not being picked on. Everything happens according to God's timeline and, if this isn't the time for the refi to happen, then I better deal with it! I mean, every other time that we were close and things didn't work out, it ended up being for the better. When we started the refi in July we were looking at over $10k in closing costs and a *higher* interest rate than our original loan. Now we're looking at 5% (1.75 percent lower than our current) and we're getting money back!

I'm not being picked on, it's just a test. But Lordy does our Heavenly Father seem to like to test me! Apparently I have a lot to learn?!

Maybe he'll give me a whack at things, a nice reality check, like he did our buddy Bruce...

So, in spirit of my Bruce almighty day, I think I'll put in that DVD with a bowl of Ramen noodles, a cup of tea to nurse my sore throat, and laugh at how silly I must be looking (and acting) from His view!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you blog. Thanks for sharing from aboveRubies. Stay encouraged. God's working.