Friday, January 16, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

List at least one thing your husband did or said in the past week that reminded you why you love him.
~ he has put so much effort in to finishing my bathroom, it really makes me realize that he wants to get it done and realizes that it is important to me!
~he ate every single meal that I cooked this week. If y'all knew how picky my husband was, you'd realize what a big deal this is!!

Share a "Generous Wife Tip"
It is okay, and does not mean you are a doormat, to go out of your way to please your husband! There are so many things that I can do that are just little things to show that he is appreciated, but once in a while, I like to just bend over backward to meet his needs! It may not be something that I enjoy doing, but when I see how much he appreciates and enjoys it, slowly but surely I begin to really enjoy doing that for him. Waking up early is a big thing...I know it sounds dumb, but honestly, I am NOT a morning person. Getting up with him at the crack of dawn to spend some much needed quiet time before heading off to a busy day at work does wonders for him (and me, too!)