Friday, January 23, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

This week's prompt:
Tell us about a time that your spouse went out of his way to serve you, and love you sacrificially.

My initial thought to this was "Doesn't he do this every day?" Honestly it was, because honestly, that's what he does! Every day he serves me and loves me sacrificially-I think we all do this for our spouse every day. Honestly, I know he probably doesn't want to have a job. There are days where he'd just like to quit and just do 'his' thing. But, he gets up and goes to work every single day to provide for me and our kids. To me, that's definitely sacrifice and he is serving me.

When I look a little deeper in to the question and try to think of a particular episode, my bathroom comes to mind (Pictures of the finished product are to come, btw.) He did not do this for HIM or for the HOUSE...he did it for ME. He wanted me to have a place where I can relax; a nice, calming place where I can bathe the worries away in my giant tub :) It wasn't for him, because honestly he could probably put a horse trough for a tub (that's originally what tubs were, anyway) and a bucket in a 'bathroom' and call it good! But no, he spent HOURS working on the plumbing, installation, electrical, drywall, texture, and paint all for ME.

I'm pretty sure he'll never understand how wonderful it is that he did this for me. He'll never truly understand how wonderful it feels to have something like this done *for me* and no one else.


Ashley said...

That bathroom sounds wonderful!

You have a husband who truly loves you!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!