Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ah, my friend had her baby today. Unfortunately, he's having some problems, so anyone who reads this, if you could, say a quick prayer for Taran and family? God is good and I know how scared his mommy is, so just a quick prayer would be appreciated.

But, this makes me remember Justin's scary the circumstances were, everything about that birth went wrong!

"You're going to have a baby today" my doctor enthusiastically told me at my 34 week appointment. I was 34 weeks 5 days...not at ALL prepared to have a baby. We had *just* bought the car seat and the crib hadn't even been delivered yet. I was +2 protein in my urine, my BP was HIGH...

They admitted me that afternoon, gave me induction drugs and...NOTHING happened. Finally, two days later, they stopped everything and said i just wasn't ready! My mom had just flown to Colorado because my Grandpa had just died on Thursday was such a bad time for this to happen! Brandon's family was visiting, and lo and behold, my BP shot through the roof. That's when I got word that after my doctor had dinner, we'd be doing a C-section right away.

The next few hours were a whirlwind of activity. Brandon's family had just left-he gave them a call to let them know what was going on, I think they were just about home when they got the call I was having the section! They're working to get me prepped for the operation...

Then, they couldn't get my epidural in. I got one shot of numbing medication for every 3 epidural (and later spinal) attempts that they did. I got poked 12 times before my doctor took over and got the spinal in. I think I sat on that cold OR table for an hour before they finally got my spinal in. Then that was was baby time. They brought Brandon in and I remember feeling EXTREMELY weird. Very out of it and VERY tired. My BP continued to cause problems...

But, at 9:53 PM Justin Daniel was born, screaming before he was even out!

He seemed SO, so tiny...Don't even ask me how Brandon got the above picture...there were no lighting tricks and no editing, but this is one of the most amazing pictures I've EVER seen :) Just my favorite! All the rest of his delivery were NOT like this, they were like normal pictures.

So, he weighed 5 lbs 12.9 oz and was 18 inches long...born at 35 weeks gestation. Fully healthy, despite doctor's warnings that he was going to be VERY sick.

I was in the hospital for a few days, and unfortunately, he was having problems with major jaundice. It was the *hardest* thing to leave him at the hospital...but my mother-in-law and father-in-law stayed overnight with him.

I just cannot believe how blessed I was that he was healthy. I still had complications from my high blood pressure, but they eventually resolved.

Thinking of Justin's birth-how fast it came on, how fast circumstances changed...I am just reminded at how Cass must be feeling right now. My thoughts and prayers are certainly with them. I feel so lucky that Justin didn't have more complications...