Friday, March 27, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

This week, there's a fun little game, an acronym for my husband rocks :)


Never a dull moment

One for me

That pretty much sums him up!
I just have to say, this morning I was just sitting there on my bed watching Jacek sleep (a miracle in itself...the kid fell asleep on his own!) and I just kept thinking to myself how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me as much as Brandon does :) No particular thing made me feel that way, I just felt loved this morning.
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updates :)

Whew, it's been awhile, and another few crazy weeks. I'm really slacking on my homework right now so i can update this blog...I'm sure I'll pay for it later!

So...i have word that the state of Idaho officially sucks. If you'd like to be sucked dry on your insurance premiums and have crappy coverage-move here! Nuff said :)

Had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything is looking good. Weight is on track, the baby's heart sounds good at 162 beats per minute. The boys were in the 150 range so this is different ;)

I've been thinking about names lately. I WAS stuck on Jenna, now I'm less crazy about it and back to my Adriana/Adrionna kick. I would really hate to spell it Adriana and have everyone pronounce it like Adri-anna when I want it pronounced Adrionna...who knows. As for boys, yeah...we have ONE name and that's Aaron...Guess *if* we find out the sex in a few months we'll be busting out the baby name book...

I've got some homeschool worksheets and supplies so I'm getting ready to get Justin started on some pre-k stuff. We shall see how that works out. As if i have the time right now-or the attention span!
Friday, March 6, 2009

Sad day...

There will be no MHR today, but instead, something a bit different and that I feel compelled to share.

Well...we just found out this morning that a family member of Brandon's passed away :( He leaves behind a daughter and a wife. Although it was somewhat expected, you can never be prepared for the moment when someone is taken Home. We all know that he's in a better place, but still, when someone passes away, it affects us in ways that may surprise us.

Losing a husband...losing a father...two things I hope to not experience for a long, long time. How would that change my life if Brandon passed away today? Tomorrow? A year from now? How would it change my life if I lost *anyone* right now? Would it give me motivation to do things that I've always wanted to do, but never got the chance? Would it literally incapacitate me, making me unable to do anything at all?

Not too long ago, I wrote a rant (that has since been deleted) about having to clean up after Brandon. "Oh, he leaves cups and plates everywhere, leaves dirty clothes laying around. Ugh...and the worst...he leaves his whiskers that he just shaved all around the sink! I already have three kids, why should I have to pick up after him? I'm not his mother."

In the most gentle way possible, a woman responded to me. She said "What if something were to happen to him and he was no longer of this Earth, but was called Home? You would give anything to clean up those whiskers, even one last time."

As much as I hate it, she is absolutely RIGHT. How many women out there would do anything to clean up their husband's socks just one last time. To do their laundry or cook them their favorite meal just one...last...time.

This not only applies to husbands, but kids as well. God forbid a mother should have to bury her own child, but it happens. What would she give to change a diaper, give a bath, or even put the child in time out just ONE last time?

We take so much for granted in our earthly lives. I think that we 'forget' how temporary this all is. We get so concerned with what's going on over here or over there. We focus on things we don't have but think we need. We focus on the menial, unimportant tasks of everyday life. We put our attention and energy in to so many things that DO NOT MATTER.

How often do YOU focus and devote 100% attention to the people that are important to you? Sure, there are tasks in life (cleaning comes to mind) that must be done...but sometimes it just happens that the priority shouldn't be the dishes or the laundry. That book will be there tomorrow, that pile of laundry will be there tomorrow (unless you have a laundry fairy named Justin like I do) but the people in your life might not be.

Yes, it's important to make sure the menial tasks get done, but if there's a moment that strikes you, it's okay to put down the duster and play with the kiddos. Or instead of using naptime to clean up the house-sit and watch a movie with your hubby. Give him a massage...take your kids to the neat-o new pizza place with all the games, take them bowling.

To this day, every time I see myself getting frustrated with ANYONE, I wonder what it would be like if they weren't here at all. That sure changes my attitude and changes my heart. I've learned to appreciate even the annoying things that can happen from time to time. I know I'm still growing, but I never want to take for granted the small things ever again.