Thursday, March 19, 2009

Updates :)

Whew, it's been awhile, and another few crazy weeks. I'm really slacking on my homework right now so i can update this blog...I'm sure I'll pay for it later!

So...i have word that the state of Idaho officially sucks. If you'd like to be sucked dry on your insurance premiums and have crappy coverage-move here! Nuff said :)

Had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything is looking good. Weight is on track, the baby's heart sounds good at 162 beats per minute. The boys were in the 150 range so this is different ;)

I've been thinking about names lately. I WAS stuck on Jenna, now I'm less crazy about it and back to my Adriana/Adrionna kick. I would really hate to spell it Adriana and have everyone pronounce it like Adri-anna when I want it pronounced Adrionna...who knows. As for boys, yeah...we have ONE name and that's Aaron...Guess *if* we find out the sex in a few months we'll be busting out the baby name book...

I've got some homeschool worksheets and supplies so I'm getting ready to get Justin started on some pre-k stuff. We shall see how that works out. As if i have the time right now-or the attention span!


dana said...

Adrianna, Adriahna, Adriaunna.
Ya know if its a boy and you give it an "O" name, we can call them the JOJO boys.. lol.. maybe thats too cheesy, but kinda cute :)

Yeay on the homeschool info, let me know how that goes :)