Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hello Everyone,
It's just easier to do this here than individually email everyone, so here goes:

I had my 16/17 week OB appointment yesterday. I have gained 6 lbs so far which I'm not happy about but the doctor says it's fine. I'm 'measuring' a week larger, but according to my original due date, that would be right on time because I was originally due September 26/28...then they changed it to October 2nd. I still think I'm right and am due closer to the 26th, but whatever!

Baby is looking good, though. Heart rate is right around the 140's which the midwife said sounds like 'boy beats' lol. I've never known with the other boys what their rates were, so who knows! I know the old wives tale is the slower the rate means it's a boy, but everything seems to be opposite for me!

I will go on May 18th for the big ultrasound to make sure baby looks healthy and to hopefully get a peek at the sex! We're still borderline of who we'll tell and IF we'll tell, even if we'll find you'll know when you know hehe! I'm sure I won't be able to keep my mouth shut, so most likely there will be a big post on here about it. Regardless of whether we do find out, I will post an update about the baby's health. Because Brandon's sister had a baby with down's syndrome and my mom had a baby with a club foot, they're a bit worried about defects and pushed for testing. Also, Jacek and Owen both had spots on the lower spine that looked like they hadn't completely closed at birth, so they were worried about spina bifida as well. They're pushing for genetic testing, but we refused because we won't take any action if something is indeed wrong. We'll see everything we need to see at the ultrasound.

So, hopefully I'll have a big, happy, healthy baby update for you all in about 4 weeks!

As for me, I've been doing okay. I'm much more emotional this time around and *stressed* for no reason. This baby I swear is already giving me gray hairs and I'm too young for that! I'm craving pineapple, oranges, and STEAK STEAK STEAK! Oh, and baked potatoes with salsa on them...and popcorn...and coffee with hot chocolate mixed in...the only thing I'm not craving are sweets! But I'm not exactly craving the super-healthy stuff either like I did with Owen.

Well, that concludes the baby update for the week. I have to hustle on some homework for my film class!


Big Momma said...

I thought I was the only one who craved coffee with hot chocolate mixed in when I was pregnant. Your blog is great!