Thursday, October 3, 2013

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

My husband rocks...and I can't say it enough. Sure, there are specific events when he's especially rockin' but, that's just no fun to share ONE thing!

My husband rocks because:

He always fills the truck up with gas-I haven't pumped gas in a year...

He takes me on drives. Not anywhere in particular, but he just drives aimlessly and never complains about it.

He made me breakfast this morning even though he was in a hurry :)

He brings in the paper for me

He's always willing to help someone

He pushes me to do things I don't want to do when he knows it will be good for me, and I end up thanking him for it

He knows how to recognize the 'toxins' in my life and tries to help eliminate them-toxic people, toxic habits, etc.

He is never shy about sharing his love for me or his feelings for me

Oh, and have I mentioned, he LOVES me. Not petty love, but true, deep, and honest LOVE. This man would do anything for me, he just wants me to be happy and content. He understands me, he LOVES me, he cares about me.

It may sound creepy to some, but it made me feel wonderful the other day when he told me he was 'obsessed' with me te he :)

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