Friday, May 8, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

It's Friday! So, that means I get to brag about my hubbs today :)

Brandon is awesome, and nearly everyone he meets thinks the same. He's just an all-around GREAT guy.

That's not saying that he doesn't have his flaws...sometimes he just doesn't 'get' things like a so-called normal person might! There are areas we're working on, and one of them is helping me out during this exhausting pregnancy a bit more!

Last night was a late night. We stayed up to watch Juno because Netflix sent it about a week ago and I'd like to finally watch it, so he popped me popcorn and the movie ended about 11:30. Getting ready for bed, we heard weird noises coming from the hallway. Sure enough, it was Justin doing Lord knows what out there. It didnt' take long for us to realize he had a gluten attack :( He had an accident all over his bed, he was embarrassed and he was well, stinky. I was exhausted by this time and literally the walking dead.

My husband ROCKS because he took over...bathed Justin, got his bedding in the washer, put new bedding on, got Justin dressed and ready for the night, and even made him a little bed on the couch so he didn't have to sleep so far away from mom and dad!

This is something that he's never done before, and I cannot tell you (or him for that matter) just how much that meant to me! He let me hit the sack while he, just as exhausted as I was, took care of our son.

Ahhhh...I love that man :)


Samantha said...

What a great guy !!
You are blessed to have him and he his blessed to have you !
Have a wonderful weekend.