Friday, May 15, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

Oh it's finally FRIDAY!

Sometimes I wonder why it's so HARD to come up with why my husband rocks. I mean, every day small things just don't seem interesting to write about.

He does these things every day, just small things, that make the feeling that he cares really come through.

This morning, he came in, woke me up, and put breakfast down right in front of my face. When I attempted to get out of bed, he said "NO, just lay there and eat." He generally gets the kids breakfast every morning and lets me get an extra 1/2 hour of sleep. He makes me a cup of coffee with hot chocolate and milk in it, just the way I like it. He carries the laundry basket downstairs for me sometimes. He does these 'random acts of kindness' where he decides to treat us all to something special: an ice cream, a dinner out, a doesn't matter what it is, but it's spontaneous and amazing.

There are some things that are uniquely 'ours' that he recognizes...never a single kiss, but there's always three. Putting my hand in the very center of his chest. The things he'll whisper in my ear. Our nicknames.

And, as I would say of any 'typical' man, he forgets the important dates. Mother's day, birthdays, anniversaries...he forgets them. But then I remember that although the 'world' dictates these holidays, he actually spoils me a little bit EVERY day. I need to have the grace to remember this...that he may not remember the holidays that are actually quite trivial (like Mother's day) or the fact that he rushes out on Christmas eve to do his shopping, but he does these amazing acts of kindness usually every day, sometimes buying me a gift for no reason at all. I need to be less harsh on him and remember these occasional acts...


Nicole said...

I love this idea! Although I might have trouble coming up with something every week. lol

You husband is SO sweet! Mine has never brought me breakfast in bed in the 12 years we have been married but he will do other little things. He's not one to express it but the few times he does it is always amazing!

I love my coffee like that too! YUM!