Friday, June 26, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday!!!

It has been awhile since I've done a MHR Friday, but I'm back so YAY :)

We are coming up on our 5 year anniversary in about a month, and I cannot help but say that it does NOT feel like we've been married for five years!

I remember reading something that said that after about 18 months, the relationship starts to go 'stale' so to speak, that people start to lose their flair for one another and that the fire, well, fizzles out. I anxiously awaited that 18 month mark to see what would happen. After all, it was some kind of super reputable study, so that must happen to everyone, right?

18 months came and went...nothing changed. My husband and I are still as much in love with each other as the day we married. We are, you could say, infatuated with one another. He is the butter to my bread, and he still looks at me like I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yep ladies, my husband is all that *and* a bag of potato chips.

My husband rocks...he keeps our marriage fresh, he keeps me motivated and on track, and he always makes me feel like I'm special, important, and meaningful. It is almost as if he goes out of his way to remind me how wonderful I am. I hope he knows how much he means to me...
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jacek's first night

We've been having some major sleep problems with almost-2 Jacek, so last night at my wits end, I put him downstairs in the big boy room with his brothers.

I went down to check on them before I went to bed and the above pictures were taken...

Not sure how this will work out if he already feels the need to have 'protection' while he's sleeping lol!!!

Just in case you're worried...this *IS* a cap gun, not a real gun :)
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God." Colossians 3:2-3

After a long vacation from my lil WFW, I was able to jump back on here today. This is a verse that has convicted me recently and I felt compelled to share it on today's Word Filled Wednesday!

For more WFW:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting ready for baby!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted an update, so here goes!

I went to Colorado for a week at the end of May to see family. I'm sure at some point I'll have pictures up on Picasa from the trip, but I've been so busy with other things it will probably be awhile!

School: Oh I hate you sometimes! There's been plenty of drama surrounding the whole 'pursuit of education' thing right now. From student loan mishaps to classes that like to change their books on me at the last minute, I feel like I've run the gauntlet and I'm just ready for something easy. On the other hand...I've still managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA! Not too shabby for being in my second year already! Wonder when they'll do the Dean's list so I can post a link and brag some more?

BABY GIRL: We're just gearing up for the baby girl about to join the family, 16 weeks? Four months to seems so short! We have a name picked out, solely Brandon's decision, and he also picked out her crib set, which I ordered last night. It can be seen here:

Of course we didn't pay what they're selling it for there (thank you EBAY!) but it's a great start to getting her little room ready. Now just need to decide when Jacek will be ready to move to the room downstairs, and we'll put Justin in his own room.

Housing projects: With baby girl coming along, we have a ton of housing projects to get done. We need to get the guest bedroom made in to Justin's room, and that means we need to build a darn closet in there. A *real* closet! Then, I need to sand down the God-awful wood stuff that's on the bottom half of the wall. It'll be easier and cheaper than replacing with drywall. Then I need to find a new bed and bedding...Oh Lord, it never ends! I'm still waiting for the second half of my darn bathroom to get done...Oh how I miss having a bathroom door! But, that might be another year out, as it will be a bit more difficult and extensive than the other part of the bathroom was because there will be rewiring and TONS of drywall to do, as well as new flooring, painting, and a few new doorways.


So much to do...yet it feels like we have such little time to do it!