Friday, April 16, 2010

My boy

Yep...that's my Justin on the right :)

It may not be a big deal to some parents, but Justin has grown 2 1/4 inches since his appointment in December. This has me ecstatic! That means he's a whopping 38 3/14 inches tall...his baby brother is catching up quickly!
At one time, he was very sick. He was nothing but skin, bones, and a bloated belly. He had dark circles under his eyes, was very lethargic, and hardly ever ate. Heaven forbid anyone should feel like I did as a parent: a failure. I had no idea what was going on with my son; what was I doing wrong and why was he so sick?

It was a long road, but he was finally diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I knew in my heart of hearts it was something food related, so we slowly started eliminating things from his diet. My first pick was dairy since my husband's family has issues with dairy. But I didn't have an "ah-ha" moment until he had projectile vomit after eating a piece of pizza...immediately after eating the pizza. I began going gluten free at that point and noticed a major improvement. Our doctor diagnosed him, and now two years later, he's finally growing normally again. It's hard to believe that it took two years for his system to recover so he can start growing normally again, but this is a huge milestone for him! Now the boy actually eats real food and it makes me so happy to see him not get sick after a meal; it's a wonderful feeling not being afraid to feed your son something with the worry that it might make him terribly sick. His favorites are chicken and meatloaf, and he also loves salad made with baby spinach. With the way his eating habits are developing, I'm going to have to invest in Costco!