Friday, July 16, 2010

Thankful Journal: Day 14

I think it's funny how God puts people in our lives at funny times, usually to keep us accountable. I got an email from a girl who reads my blog but whom I've never met in real life asking me why I haven't posted in two days. If I was as "committed" to my thankful journal as I said I was, why wasn't I posting every day? 
Truth be told, I'm a half-project kinda girl. I have ALWAYS been a half-project type of girl. It seems that about halfway through something I lose my motivation and just stop. I might pick it up later, but for the most part, my projects fall by the wayside and I become engrossed in something else. 
I know there are people out there who can relate to that...but I thought it was funny how she has no problem emailing me and telling me that...convicting me :)
I'm really glad that she did that, because it's the fire under my butt that I needed to continue this blog. I took a break last week, then one day turned in to two, then two in to four. Things seem to spiral like that, and I get busy with other things. It was so great to have someone point that out...and I wonder how many times we get off track and God gives us a sign and we just ignore it! Or if He doesn't put someone in our lives to point something out. How much would we get accomplished if we were fully aware of what He was telling us, trying to show us, trying to get us to understand? I *know* with my heart of hearts that the Proverbs 31 email came at the exact moment it needed to for God to get His message across: be thankful in everything that you do. In good times and in bad, I need to be thankful. I need to be fully aware of what He wants me to see and what He is trying to show me. 
I'm currently using this time to make sure I'm completely aware. But, another thing came of this girl pointing out what she did; it made me question how much I half-ass it for God. How many times have I put off prayer, how many times have I put off church, fellowship, time in the word, etc? How many times have I not fully committed myself to something I am supposed to be doing? 
I truly believe that this thankful journal is supposed to do much more than just make me aware of things I should be thankful for :)

1. I am thankful for the people in my life who keep it real!
2. I am thankful for this blog because I've met some great people!
3. I am thankful for God's signs!
4. I am thankful for the things that God makes me aware of when I actually pay attention to him!
5. I am thankful for the gift of salvation from the Lord God Almighty! AMEN!

Have a beautiful weekend :)