Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thankful Journal: Day 17

Today is a rare day: I only have one child out of my four...
Two are at school, and the other is at my sister-in-law's house playing with my nephew. Today is going to be an unusual day. Usually when I'm down a few kids, it's a bit awkward at first. It takes a few times for me to really get comfy with them being gone, but today, I have no choice. I have GOT to get the house cleaned up. Certainly should be easier with three active boys being gone for a majority of the day, but I'm sure like many moms of many kids, they kind of act as my motivational team when they're here. Cleaning is a game when they're here, and I have a great bunch of helpers to run dishes up and down the stairs! 
But today, it's just lonesome little me and my lil girl Hannah. I love spending time with her and I'm excited, but if this is a glimpse of things to come (when all the boys are in school) then I'm kind of not looking forward to the quiet house :(

1. I am thankful for the busyness of my life!
2. I am thankful for each moment that I get to spend with my kids!
3. I am thankful for gracious people who realize when I need a break!
4. I am thankful that I have the motivation to get some stuff done while I have said break!
5. I am thankful for the gift of salvation from the Lord God Almighty! AMEN!