Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: A Year with God

Lately, I have spent the past 6 weeks completely engaged in reading A Year with God: Daily Reading and Reflections on God's Own Words by R.P. Nettelhorst. My initial impression was great! It's nicely organized in to topics like "Love and Hate", it's a sturdy book, I like the cover art...but then I actually *opened* the book and started reading. That's where my impression slowly began to change. 

This book is not my cup of tea. I really like anything that can help expand my understanding of the Bible or that provides honest-to-goodness, insightful reflection on His Word, but this does not do any of that for me. I found it boring, and I just assume read my regular Bible as I would probably get the same, if not better "reflection" from the footnotes of my Bible.  I believe that most of the entries were poorly thought-out, and I did not find any of them inspirational, nor did they stir up any sort of "Hm, never thought of it that way" in my brain.

This book is not awful, and it by no means deserves a '1 star' rating, but I feel like a '3 star' would be too generous, as three stars usually implies it being an "average" book, and I felt this book was lacking significantly, so this book gets two stars from me. I actually will not even enjoy having this in my the second-hand store this little guy goes. I really hate to say that :( 

If you would like to check this book out, I suggest going to your local library to see if they have it before dropping the money to buy it, especially if you have knowledge of the Bible already. Perhaps this would be a good gift for the "baby believer" who has no knowledge of the Bible or God's word? Beyond that, I could not recommend it.

You can find it on Amazon if you would like to purchase, or head to the Publisher's page for more information. 

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