Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Better World Books

It is not typical for me to do a "store" review, as I usually sing the praises of my favorite retailers in other ways. However, I figured that since Better World Books was an online retailer and you can purchase their books on a number of market websites as well as their own, I would write up a little something about my experience. After all, doing more reviews is part of my goal for 2011. I've been told they're helpful :)

I have been purchasing books from BWB through and the Amazon marketplace for quite some time. My experience has always been mostly positive, their prices are decent, and their shipping times were a little long, but still acceptable. Do note that their prices change from website to website and it can be hit-or-miss. Their books are usually better quality than stated when purchasing the book; I've purchased several "average" copies of books and been thoroughly impressed by how GREAT they look! 

However, I made my first purchase from their website on December 21st. I purchased the textbook I needed for my class that starts tomorrow, as well as a devotional Bible for women. They had such a great promotion going on, I ended up getting the textbook for $10 less than anywhere else. I threw the Bible in and because of the discount code I had, it cost me no extra money, so I got two books for the price of one! I paid for the "expidoodle" shipping, which was remarkably affordable, so I would get it in 2-6 business days. Factoring in Christmas, they said it should be on my doorstep no later than Wednesday, December 29th. I even got a CUTE email confirming that the book shipped...LOVE IT!

Well, I'm one of those "If it could go wrong, it will" type of people, so when my book didn't get here by the time they stated, I received an email from them seeing if I was satisfied, and if I wasn't to please drop a line. I wrote and notified them that my book was not delivered when it was supposed to, and got an email from "Tracy" almost immediately saying it was most likely lost in the mail and I have two options: Full refund *or* replacements of the books. I opted for replacements, let her know I had a class starting Tuesday, and she shipped the replacements  2 day air. When she sent me the shipping notice, she said she also noted that my original order had been held up in Washington for quite some time, but that it was scheduled for delivery in the next couple of days. She said she sent the replacement anyway "just in case", and provided me with a link to send the other books back at no cost to me should my original order arrive in time for my class.

Needless to say, the original order got here. This was the first time I was less-than-satisfied with the quality, as I had ordered a copy in "like new" condition, and it arrived with highlights and writing ALL over it. My replacement copy was just received and was in excellent condition, however. I was told to send the highlighted book back and we're square.

I have to say, if you make a habit of purchasing books on the internet, be sure to check out Better World Books; they get a solid 5 star review. They have some amazing prices, always have great promotions and coupons, and their customer service is by FAR the most amazing I have come across in ANY retailer, whether a brick-and-mortar store, or an online store. I cannot speak highly enough of BWB, so please, give them a try the next time you are looking at ordering books online!