Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Albertsons Trip 5/23

This week, I took advantage of the Albertsons "Twice the Value" coupons. I was able to snag three more from a non-couponing relative so I could expand savings. Albertsons only lets you use three doublers per transaction, so I divided my order in to two transactions so I could maximize savings. I made sure to keep the first order small, and only used that order for 3 of my double coupon items. The other doublers and the rest of my order went on transaction #2. To make things easy, I'm combining everything on here, so this is what I came out with:

Ritz Crackerfulls- $2.99
Newton Thins- $3.49
Land-o-Frost lunchmeat- $3.99
Yoplait Yogurt- 20 for $10
Pringles Big Stack - 3 for $5
Vlastic Pickles - 2 for $5

Full retail: $30.47

Ritz Crackerfulls - $2 coupons = $.99
Newton Thins- $2 coupons = $1.49
Land-o-Frost Lunchmeat- $1.10 coupons = $2.89
Yoplait Yogurt- $2.50 coupons = 20 for $7.50
Pringles Big Stack- $2 coupons = 3 for $3
Vlastic Pickles- $2 coupons = 2 for $3

Out-of-pocket total: $18.87

Total savings: $11.60 or 38%

Price per item before savings: $1.08
Price per item AFTER savings: $.67

Alberstons is a store where you really need to know your prices. They also had B1G1 Ballpark hotdogs on sale, but at $4.59/package, that deal didn't come close to the $1.50/package price at Walmart. So, if you're shopping at Albertsons, be careful!

  • Yogurt: I love yogurt, so I had $1.55 in coupons that I decided to use. Had I doubled both coupons my savings would have been greater, but they had $1 off coupon in their coupon book for the pickles, and the pickles were on sale, so I decided to use my doubler for that. Still, I paid $.40 per yogurt which isn't too bad. 
  • Lunchmeat: I much prefer the Land-O-Frost brand, and at $2.89 for 1 lb, I couldn't beat the price. It was $1 more at Walmart, so I got a good deal.
  • Pringles: Normally I don't buy these, but we got a coupon in this week's paper. I saw them on sale at 3 for $5 and figured with my doubler, 3 for $3 was a great deal. This coupon was $1 off an 3 super stacks, which they also make whole-grain if you choose to purchase the Pringles. They're a *bit* healthier and still super yummy. 
I'm still not a "super" couponer, but I think I did pretty well for myself :) I'm consistently saving around 30% and I'm okay with that. Hey, savings is savings!