Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walmart trip 5/23

In my last Walmart post, I swore off couponing at Walmart because it was a total NIGHTMARE! However, Fred Meyer had some deals happening and I just couldn't justify driving 4 miles all that way when Walmart is literally a block away. My husband convinced me that since it was later at night, I should be fine. So, I braved Walmart, once again, with my coupon book in hand and my ads for price matching. I know you don't need ads to price match, but I'm too lazy to write a list it speeds up the process. Even though there's no one at Walmart at 10 PM,  I thought it would be a courtesy to the cashier. 

My dad is coming to visit, so aside from the Fred Meyer deals, I had some coupons for body wash, toothpaste, and other things that are good to have as a courtesy to overnight guests, so this is everything I came away with:

Gillette men's body wash - $3.47
Gillette men's deodorant - $6.97
Tillamook butter- $3.57 x 2
Ocello Sponges - 2 packages of 2 @ $.96/pack
Bar-S 16 oz hotdogs - $2 for 2 packages

Total: $21.50

Gillette Body Wash- $2 coupon = $1.47
Gillette Deodorant- $4 coupon = $2.97
Tillamook butter- PM 2 for $5
Ocello Sponges- $1 coupon - $.92
Bar-S hotdogs- $1 coupon- $1 

Total out of pocket: $11.36 

Savings of: $10.14 or 47%

Price per item before savings: $2.68
Price per item AFTER savings: $1.42

This only illustrates the items that I purchased using coupons, but to give you an idea of how easy it is (and how cheap it can be) to put together a "hospitality basket" for your guests, I also purchased:

Shampoo- $.84
Dental floss- $.88
Toothpaste- $1.00
Toothbrush- $.74
Q-tips (travel size $.94 w/ $.30 off coupon)- $.64
Loofah (2 pack) - $.97

Included in my dad's basket, I have deodorant, body wash, shampoo, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, a loofah, and q-tips. I ONLY SPENT $9.51 to provide my dad with all toiletries he might need while he visits. I'm pretty proud of this :) Once again, most couponers could probably do better, but I'm still learning. 

  • Toilet paper: Although it's not noted on here, I was able to find Angel Soft TP on clearance for $.95/4 pack. These were single rolls, but the double rolls were priced at $2.54. If one double roll equals 2 single rolls, then I'd need two packages of single roll. Well, that would be $1.90 for 2 packages of single roll, representing a savings of $.64. It's not huge, but money is money. Once again, it's important to know your prices. Even with the $.50 coupon Angel Soft printed off today, I'd still be better off purchasing 2 packages of single roll TP.
  • Hotdogs: Also not noted on here were the $.88 packages of Bar-S 12 oz hotdogs. This is still a great deal, so I stocked up on those as well. 
  • Sponges: It's probably a really little deal, but it's a deal no less. Walmart had these on sale for $.96/2 pack. Four sponges for $1.92 was pretty good, but I had $1 off coupon, making it four sponges for $.92. That's BETTER than B1G1 :)
  • The savings: Yes, the savings in general. When you divide it out to price-per-item, I saved over $1 on each item. So with the savings of just one item, I was able to donate $1 to the Children's Miracle Network. Savings going to a good cause. I like that!
I went in to Walmart expecting to do at least 5 price matches, but their prices were already matched to (or lower than) their competitors. The cashier and I were making small talk when I mentioned I had planned to do so many more ad-matches, but only ended up with one. She told me that cashiers are getting so backed up, that Walmart is being proactive in their pricing and trying to reduce ad-matches by meeting or beating the competitor's prices. She also told me it's best to shop late at night or early in the morning because they re-stock the shelves, so something they're out of (like the salted butter I wanted) will be re-stocked around 10 PM and you should be able to get your hands on it then. At Walmart I learned that ad matches are becoming obsolete (at least at my store), you really have to watch their prices because a competing brand could be cheaper, and you should shop when no one else is there. Got it.

*A note of caution*
Once again, it is very important to be educated on your prices and SHOP AROUND! I saw that the 500 count Q-Tips were on sale for $2.97, but even with my cents off coupon, I wouldn't have been able to beat the generic brand "pretty" qtips for $1.94. Also, I had coupons for cents off certain shampoos. Even after my coupons, I wouldn't have come close to the savings that I realized by just purchasing a bottle of shampoo for $.84. Sometimes coupons don't mean you're getting a better deal. If there is a cheaper alternative, I'll go that route. So, be careful!