Friday, May 13, 2011

Walmart trip 5/6/11

I had every intention of posting this sooner, but the week has gotten away from me. Actually, I wanted to post this last week, but I was so *devastated* from my AWFUL experience at Walmart that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Nonetheless, despite the really negative attitudes and snide remarks from people (customers AND employees) at Walmart, I still got some good deals. 

Since I'm new to couponing, I am only beginning to realize the savings that can be had by just shopping sales with coupons. So, this is what I purchased:

Gillette Deodorant- $3.47
Gillette Bodywash- $3.47
Gillette men's razors (4pk)- $5.87
Gillette men's razors (4pk)- $5.87
Ballpark hotdogs- $4.50 ($1.50/pack x 3 packages)
Doritos- $2.50 x 2 bags
Toothbrush- $1.50
Fruit Loops cereal- $1.99/box x 3 boxes (ad-match with competitor)
Totinos Pizza- $1.25/pizza x 3 boxes
Oreo Cremes- $2.98

(FYI: We were going camping-hence all the junk food!)

BOGO Gillette Deodorant/Body wash: -$3.47
BOGO Gillette Razors: -$5.87
Ballpark hotdogs: -$1.75 coupons
Doritos: -$2.50 (ad-match with competitor's BOGO Doritos)
Toothbrush: -$.75 coupon
Fruit Loops Cereal: -$3 in coupons
Totinos Pizza: -$.75 coupon
Oreo Cremes: -$1.00 coupon

Total savings:  $19.09 *or*  45% !!!!!!!!

Total paid: $23.29

Since I am an even bigger nerd/number-cruncher, I like to calculate price-per-item:

Total Items: 17
Price-per-item BEFORE savings: $2.49

Price-per-item AFTER savings: $1.37

Some highlights of this particular trip:
  • The razors. With 4 razors in a package and purchasing two packages, I paid $.73 per razor. 
  • The chips. I'm actually surprised Wal-mart ad-matched these, because their policy explicitly states that they'll only ad-match a BOGO deal if the price is on the ad. The competitor's ad said "Save UP TO $3.99". I had no problem with Walmart doing the ad-match. I don't believe that it's normal for them to do that, but they did for me. *EDIT* I wasn't even planning on ad-matching for these, per their policy. However, when the lady asked if I had ad-matches and I said yes, she specifically pointed out the Doritos. I didn't even ask for it, she just did it on her own. Weird.
  • The cereal. With the ad-match and coupons, I paid $.99 per box for the large-ish boxes of Fruit loops.
  • The hotdogs. I went in fully prepared to do an ad-match because a competitor had these on sale for 2/$7. Not a fantastic deal, but I don't regularly pay attention to hotdog prices. Imagine my surprise when Walmart had these guys on sale for $1.50/package :) Add to that my $1.75 in coupons which made these $.92 per package!
Despite all the great deals, I still had a very negative experience at Walmart, so it is unlikely that I will SHOP, let alone COUPON at the particular Walmart that I went to. I'll try a different Walmart next time, and if I still have a negative experience, then I'll likely not coupon/ad-match at Walmart unless it's a very special deal.  By the way, my photo album "coupon holder" worked very well on this shopping trip! I just removed the coupons as I shopped and put them in to an envelope, so all I had to do at checkout was pull the coupons out of my envelope. I've seen people digging for coupons on what they purchased at checkout and it always takes just a little longer-I figured the other customers would appreciate the added organization and it worked very well!

I'm planning on doing some couponing tonight at Walgreens, so hopefully it won't take me a week to write about the shopping trip!

*I wanted to add a note/word of caution to watch the scanner carefully. On the Fruit Loops cereal, she initially only did the ad-match for ONE box of Fruit Loops and charged regular retail for the other two. Sweetly point out the error to the cashier if this type of thing happens, as they WILL NOT catch it on their own. Also, be aware of any limits when doing ad-matches. She thought there was a limit of 1 on the Fruit Loops cereal which is why she didn't do all three at the ad-match price, so I had to SHOW HER the ad to prove that there was no limit on the $1.99 cereal. *


Anonymous said...

Nice! I need to start blogging again, so I can share my start to couponing too. I hit a lot of sales this week sans coupons and stocked up on a lot of sides.. rice, instant potatoes and pasta, all 10/$10. Meijer also had its coke on sale and I got the 24 oz bottles 3 6 packs for $9. This made the bottles .50 cents a piece! My big couponing score was Special K cereal. Rite Aid had it on sale BOGO free and I had a $1 off 2 coupon. In the end, I got 12 boxes of cereal and paid $1.90/box.

Good luck! I'll keep following you to see how you do!

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add.. the coke at Meijer, if you bought $15 worth, you can send in to receive 2 free NASCAR tickets. I bought enough (in two trips) that I can get 4 tickets, so I'm going to try to sell them, and make back half of what I spent on all my groceries all together.