Monday, June 27, 2011

Albertsons Trip 6/27

This week (once again) I chose to take advantage of the Albertsons doublers. The lines were super long, so instead of doing three transactions, I decided to only do two and come back tomorrow to see if they had any additional stock of some items I was interested in. I'm really pleased with my shopping this week!

I bought:
Ritz Crackerfulls- $2.79
Pringles (3 packs)- $5.00
Malt-o-Meal cereal (2 packs)- $5.00
Lunchables (4 packs)- $4.00
GM Cereal (4 boxes)- $10.00
Cocoa Pebbles- $1.67

Total Full retail: $28.46

Ritz- $1 coupon w/ doubler- $.79
Pringles- $1 coupon w/ doubler- $3
MOM Cereal- $1 coupon w/ doubler- $3
GM Cereal- $1 coupon w/ doubler, $1 coupon w/ doubler, $.75 coupon w/ doubler- $5
Cocoa Pebbles- $.50 coupon - $1.17
Lunchables- $.75 coupon x 4- $1.00

Total out of pocket: $13.96

Savings of $14.50 or 51%

Price per item BEFORE savings: $1.90
Price per item AFTER savings: $.93

Now, initially the savings isn't super hardcore great, and I've given up on the idea that I'm EVER going to actually save over 50% on my groceries...


Not only did I get a catalina for free milk, something in my order triggered a $5 off your next purchase catalina. I have no clue what it was, but it printed off. I thought this was some sort of Albertsons trickery, so I chose not to apply it to my second order and waited until I got in to my car to examine the cat. If I would have applied it to my second order, my savings would have been HUGE. An additional $5 off my second order would have put my total for the evening at $8.96. FOR FIFTEEN ITEMS! I did end up getting other items that weren't mentioned (or on sale) like fruit and bread and all that jazz, but who wants to hear about regular purchases??

  • M-O-M cereal. Because of Justin's gluten issue, MOM cereal's "Fruity Dynobites" has been the only cereal he's eaten for about, oh, going on four years. I've tried fruity pebbles to no avail, so finding this for $1.50 per bag (after savings, of course) for the 21 oz...I was pretty jazzed.
  • The cereal/milk deal. When you bought four boxes of cereal, you get a catalina for free milk. So although the $1.25 per box after savings isn't super appealing, I think I did pretty well considering I get a $2.48 gallon of milk for free ;) I was also excited to see that the Cheerios box offers coupons for Pampers. I need swimmers, so that will come in handy!
  • Ritz crackerfulls. I love these, they're super yummy, and they'll really come in handy for our road trip later this week!
  • The lunchables. Normally I'm not a fan of these pre-packaged meals, but this will ALSO come in handy on our vacation. Not to mention paying $1.00 for four of them. Yes ma'am, I think I will take advantage of that!
  • The mystery $5 off my next order catalina. It's free money that I wasn't expecting. 'Nuff said ;)

Now, as I said earlier, I'm planning on heading back tomorrow to see if they have additional stock of some of the items that they were out of, like the salad that was on sale. I also need to hunt down some additional coupons, so until next time...happy shopping!