Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've been thinking of revamping my coupon photo books. You're probably thinkin' "What the heck is this crazy lady doing blogging after midnight" but my hubbs is asleep on the couch and I just keep getting wrapped up in searching for coupons. My newspaper company is offering five Sunday newspapers each Sunday, plus regular 7 day delivery, for only $25/month. That's $11 more per month than I'm spending currently and I can guarantee that I'll save more than $11 per month.

So, I think I'll need a new system. 

I love my system. It's discreet and I just whip out my teeny tiny little coupon photo album, all the other couponers looking at me like I'm crazy, while I look at them like they're crazy for toting around this ginormous coupon binder. That takes up valuable cart space, man! Not to mention I would just feel like an idiot carrying around this huge binder...all the looks of disgust (yes, I said DISGUST) from other customers who have come to resent couponers, those aren't a problem with my handy dandy photo book that I just slip in to my cart if I get any nasties shot my way. Sheesh, doesn't EVERYONE carry around a photo album of their kids in their purse (wink, wink)? 

If you can't tell, I'm a little self-conscious about being a couponer. So, I need another discreet system that might be a bit bigger than my photo album. I'm thinking a recipe organizer. The ones that hold index cards. Meh...I'll sleep on it, do some coupon organizing tomorrow, and then let you know.

And yes, I do recycle all my papers, so no worries...the additional papers would either be donated to the schools (when school is in session) OR recycled.