Sunday, June 3, 2012

When you're "different"

I've always known that I'm not quite like anyone else. I've always been really independent and okay with being by myself...

When my husband was moving away without us, I had so many people saying "Oh, you poor thing" or "That's such a long time by yourself". I think they found it odd that I wasn't bothered by it all that much. I wasn't afraid to be by myself...Lord knows I would miss my husband (and do miss him) like crazy, but I'm not scared to be in this house by myself, raising our four children for what will end up being a time period equivalent to a drop in the bucket of our married life. Five months? Big deal! 

Most recently I had someone make a comment that I had "weird" taste in the limited TV programs that I watch. Oh...because I'd rather watch a National Geographic special or a documentary on History instead of Desperate Housewives or Jersey Shore I'm WEIRD? 

Well to you I say...I sure am glad I'm weird! I'm glad I'm weird because my 6 year old took the time to watch the documentary on the planet with me was a learning experience for both of us and now he knows about plate tectonics, earthquakes, what the Earth is made of, and all sorts of other fun facts that he hasn't learned in school yet. How fun! How fun is it that my programs are enriching not only for me, but for my kids? I think it's cool. I'd rather do that than be afraid that they'll walk in on Snooki and the latest flavor of the day making out under blankets...or shooing them out of the room because the program isn't safe for kids' eyes. 


My latest weird gesture, the one that no one understands, is the one where I feel compelled to give our belongings, the ones we've been trying to sell, to families in need. When Brandon and I were first together we were blessed with generous family members willing to give us a bed, a couch, or a dresser. Some people are not that lucky...I know how frustrating it was that we couldn't even afford blinds (yes...the story of the paper blinds will come back to haunt you continuously, I'm sure of it). 

In a society so consumed with possessions, I find that even the word "GIVE" is a dirty word. The concept is nearly lost; not completely lost, but nearly lost. Not only that, but people are so obsessed with "getting a good deal" that I've seen grown women fight over a child's toy that sold for $10 when it costs $15 brand new. Ridiculousness! I've seen people obsessed with getting top dollar for the items that they sell. It's sad :( Now, I'm not saying that making money is a bad thing, but I wish people would soften up a bit. It'd make me feel a little less "weird" for wanting to give all of my excess away so someone else can benefit from it. 

Either way, it's okay to be different. Someone, somewhere appreciates the difference. It's like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, or a refreshing glass of water with just a splash of lemon. It's refreshing to be different :)