Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Great Day Every Day

Great Day Every Day
Max Lucado
Four stars
The likelihood of experiencing a "perfect" day is about as rare as winning the lottery. That "perfect" day that many seem to long for is somewhat elusive...even the slightest misfortune can turn an otherwise perfect day upside down. Great Day Every Day, in classic Lucado style, illustrates the beauty and grace in every single day, even on the worst days. Lucado leads us through with scripture and personal testimony to show the reader that it is never too late to turn a bad day in to a good one. 

Personally, I really enjoyed this book. I really appreciate the "workbook" section in the back of the book, with each section correlating to a chapter of the book. I actually appreciate any book that does this because I feel that it's conducive to really getting in to the book, a way to put the things that you read about on paper and apply it to your own life or situation. 

I'm generally a fan of any of Lucado's work, but this is probably one of my favorite books of his. 

All in all, four stars from me. I highly recommend it! 
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