Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interesting issue about homebirth

I seldom talk about my experience with my first baby, mainly because it was extremely traumatic. However, today I'm ready to really talk about it, because there was an article I read on a blog that concerned me. A lot. 

Apparently a midwife was arrested because certified professional midwifery in Indiana is illegal. Being a CNM is perfectly legal, but they don't recognize the certification of a CPM. This lady goes to jail, all heck breaks loose, doctors comment...

One doctor stated that he didn't mind doing births without monitors, but basically that birthing needs to be done in a hospital. I am here to say "No it doesn't!" Women have been birthing babies for thousands of years, and up until recently, the births happened at home. Oh my, my, my Mr. Obstetrician, how did we *ever* get by without you? 

Some argue that this is about money, and maybe so. I don't understand the resentment that some OB's have toward midwives or women who would like to have a "less conventional" birth. Side note: Isn't that funny that homebirths, something that has been happening in homes for thousands of years, is branded "less conventional"? *ANYWHO* this guy said that he gets mad when things go wrong and the patient is basically dropped on his doorstep. Okay, of the thousands of homebirths that happen nowadays, and of the kajillions that have happened since the dawn of time, how many of those people have complications that require hospital intervention? 

Now, I do know that things can go wrong, but I'm willing to bet that a majority of homebirths or birth center births go off without a hitch. Just like a lot of hospital births.

This leads me to my issue: the obstetrician talking about agreeing with no many women actually know they have a choice? How many women actually request no intervention? And how likely is it that most OB's are willing to do the same?