Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weighing on my heart

I have been a little MIA because there have been some serious issues weighing on my heart. I have to get something down on paper though, as I feel this is an issue that tends to divide some of my fellow Christians.
I feel that there are matters of the heart and matters of salvation. Where salvation is concerned, I don't play around with that. It is what it is. 
Matters of the heart, however, are things that can be subjective. One person may feel convicted to live their Christian life a certain way, while another feels differently. Matters of the heart like this should never cause a division between Christians. Disagreements, usually small and petty, should not divide. Now, I am speaking on matters that are not solely a matter of salvation. 

*This is my little disclaimer...some of you may not agree with what I say here, but I am learning here, so please...don't be mean.

It is no secret that I consider myself a baby Christian. I am relatively new to this whole "God" thing...I don't know a lot, I have a basic understanding of the Bible and am just starting to really get my hands dirty. Therefore, it came as complete surprise to me that there are many Christian women who do not believe girls should go to college. Currently, I'm a junior in college; I am very thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a way to balance handle all of my responsibilities and further my education at the same time. I have personally received comments that it is a waste for me to get my education; it is my husband's job to provide while I run the home. 

I'm sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree on one point here. I do NOT think it is a waste to further one's education; I think it's a blessing. 

I fully believe that it is the man's "duty" (if you will) to bring home the bacon. He has a God-given responsibility to take care of his family financially, to be the protector, and to be the head of the home. I do believe that the place best suited for the woman is in the home. There, I said it. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I really dislike my God-given role as helpmate and housewife, but generally, I know I am where I belong. 

Now, back to the education thing...

I completely disagree that it is a waste for a woman to get an education. For me, there is no better reason to get an education than to be prepared for the future. What would happen if my husband were to die? How would we afford food, clothing, or shelter? Yes, I do believe God would provide, but perhaps his provisions would be through a job that I hold while my children attend (insert gasp here) public school. My education is a life insurance policy of sorts...