Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Review: Women Living Well

Women Living Well
Courtney Joseph
Rating: Three Stars

I was really excited to review this book for Booksneeze. I follow Courtney's blog and I think she puts out such an amazing example of what it's like to be a Christian wife, following our husband's lead, and embracing our God-given role in marriage, family, and in life. In Women Living Well, Courtney takes the time to tackle issues such as parenting, home life, being a blessing to all those around us, embracing our roles as supporters/helpmates, and coping with living in a digital age. Not only that, Courtney uses several examples from her own life and plenty of Biblical references to further add to the book and ensure that what she is expressing is truly rooted in God's Word. 

For the most part, this book is wonderful. Courtney does a great job of explaining just how essential we are in our loved ones' lives, as well as how important it is to maintain a constant line of communication with God and strive to please Him. However, I do feel that she uses examples from her own life a little too much. Authors frequently use examples from their own lives to really drive home a point they're trying to make, and I get that. Seeing how someone has applied what they're saying in their own life can be very valuable, especially when the reader may not be too sure about what the author is saying. In part of the book there is a sequence of "marriage challenges" that Courtney lists out,  and in one of the challenges she, well, challenges the reader to pray for their husband. She then follows with an example that she uses symbols to remind her to pray for her husband, like when she looks at her wedding ring. Those types of things add to the understanding and that's not what I take issue with in this book, it's other ocassions where it seems like she wants to share her personal experience rather than how maybe God used her experience to work through her...I just felt like the book was *full* of her taking opportunities to talk about herself. I found that highly annoying and more than once had to skim past the part where she talked about herself to get to the point she was trying to make. 

With the exception of that, the book is actually quite good. I did really enjoy the marriage challenges part of the book, and it was nice to finally read something that did align with my core beliefs. It also feels nice to be validated as a submissive wife, a mother who truly believes my most important job *is* my family, and that it's okay to be a "Time Warp Wife". 

All in all, I would recommend this book, more as a "fun" read than an informative read. I give it three stars, and if you would like to read it yourself you can purchase it at Amazon. 

I was provided this book free of charge in return for my honest opinion. Anything written here is my own, personal opinion.