Monday, January 20, 2014

Free Entertainment-HitBliss

My husband and I committed to doing a spending freeze inspired by Ruth over at Living Well Spending Less. The premise behind the challenge is to eliminate unnecessary expenses throughout the month. She provides several printables and some extra challenges or things to focus on while doing the challenge, but it seems really flexible in that you can create your own terms if something doesn't work for you. My husband and I took the basics of the challenge and then added a few of our own stipulations: we still budgeted for food and fresh fruits/veggies, and this also includes a little bit of money for eating out. All other spending was to be eliminated. So, even though our microwave broke on day 1 of the challenge, that meant *no new microwave*. Yeah, we're serious about this!

Doing the challenge has been interesting. We are now 19 days in to the challenge and have had many times when it would have been so much easier to eat out/buy that toy/purchase those clearance Christmas decorations, but we're persevering. It has also caused us to get a little crafty regarding entertainment, and one of the things I wanted to talk about was something I came across called HitBliss. 

Hitbliss is a program that you download to your computer and earn money for watching commercials. Once you have money in your "account", you can then use that money to purchase TV episodes or movies from Amazon or from HitBliss. It sounded a bit "too good to be true" so I made sure my antivirus software was working and my payment information for Amazon was deleted. I then watched a series of commercials and had earned around $3, so I purchased an episode of a popular TV program. It directed me to the Amazon page and viola, the episode was mine to watch! Several commercials and about $40 later, we have rented several movies, purchased an entire season of a popular TV series, and all for zero out of pocket. 

This is actually very little effort-they do put up a ticker that you have click on or press the enter button every few minutes just to ensure you're actively watching the commercials. It's brainless and money accumulates quite rapidly. Most TV episodes on Amazon are around $1.99 each, and movie rentals for 24, 48, or even 72 hours range from $2.99-$4.99, even the latest new releases. So, for around 5-10 minutes, it is very easy to accumulate enough money to pay for at least one movie rental. 

I highly recommend HitBliss, and I am not affiliated in any way I'm just a very satisfied user! Check it out, rent some movies, and enjoy!