Friday, January 3, 2014

Why the hate?!

I was pointed to an article discussing how children from smaller families are MUCH better off than children from larger families. The article is such a piece of garbage that I refuse to link to it, but I suppose I will if enough people express interest. It's full of ugly stereotypes and criticisms about large families, and the comments are brimming with ignorant thoughts as well.
When I am personally attacked or questioned about our decision to have five children, I can somehow let it roll off my back...but if something like this comes to my attention, my insides burn with the fire of a thousand suns-I just cannot let it go I get so upset by it! This "author" stated, among other things, that children from large families are left to their own devices, do not even have basic necessities, do not engage in extra-curricular activities because the parents can't afford it, and are forced to raise their younger siblings. Does it happen? Sure, I'm sure it does. But the author backs up what I consider opinions with supposed "research" confirming her facts. How do you refute that? What was really irritating is that one woman had commented how she grew up in a small family and had all these issues, to which the "author" commented that it was nice that her parents had the sense to stop having kids, she was much better off, and to give her parents credit because "they tried". Um...why the hate? I mean, this person was spewing what I consider *utter hate and loathing* for large families, going so far as to say that we live on a different planet and that we're not human.What was equally as disturbing was another commenter talking about how her mother, a child from a small family, had a large family herself and was a wonderful parent. The author's response was really rich, suggesting that the only reason her mom was a good mom to many kids was because she herself was from a small family and therefore received all the love and attention and devotion of her parents-I took it as her suggesting that people raised in large families couldn't be good mothers. It's one of those "darned if you do, darned if you don't" with this "author"...if you come up with a situation that discredits her opinion or "findings" she finds a way around it. That frustrates me to no end.
I've heard my fair share of criticism about having a large family and reasons why people shouldn't have more than one or two kids, but I have *never* in my life felt so hated...and I don't even know this person. How do you respond to such ignorance and intolerance if/when you're faced with this kind of thing?