Wednesday, February 12, 2014

40 Day Retreat with Jesus- Day 12

Still hanging in there with our 40 day retreat with Jesus. Today we are in the Compass study Bible looking at Ephesians.

Today's focus:
Ephesians 5:1-5
So imitate God. Follow Him like adored children, and live in love as the Anointed One loved you-so much that he gave Himself as a fragrant sacrifice, pleasing God. Listen, don't let any kind of immorality be breathed among you. Any demoralizing behaviors (perverse sexual acts, uncleanliness, greediness, and the like) are inappropriate topics of conversation for those set apart as God's people. Don't swear or spurt nonsense. Don't make harsh jokes or clown around. Make proper use of your words and offer them thankfully in praise. This is what we know for certain: no one who engages in loose sex, impure actions, and greed-which is just a form of idolatry-has any inheritance in the kingdom of God and His Anointed.

I think this passage is pretty self-explanatory..."Hey, don't do these things...they're bad juju and you won't inherit the kingdom of Heaven if you let these consume you." It specifically mentions greed as a form of idolatry, but I personally believe that sexual sin can *also* be a form of idolatry. If you put it up on a pedestal, worship it, let it consume you...isn't that just like being greedy or lusting after money? I don't know, food for though I suppose.