Tuesday, February 18, 2014

40 Day Retreat with Jesus: Day 18

Okay, well apparently I love Philippians...because the last two days of entries have really provoked some thinking in me. Today we go back to Revelations!

Today's focus:
Revelations 3:8-11
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut. I have done this because you have limited strength, yet you have obeyed My word and have not denied My name. Watch, and I will make those of the congregation of Satan—those who call themselves ‘Jews’ but are not because they lie—come before you penitent, falling at your feet. Then they will know how much I have loved you. Because you have obeyed My instructions to endure and be patient, I will protect you from the time of trial which will come upon the whole earth and put everyone in it to the test. I will soon return. Hold tight to what you have so that no one can take away your victor’s wreath.
Jesus is coming. We don't know when, how, or any of the details, but He promises that He will be coming back for us. He also assures us that those who call themselves believers but who are not, will be called out in the end. Jesus also promises that those of us who have remained true to him will be saved in the end.