Sunday, March 2, 2014

40 Day Retreat with Jesus: Day 30

Go figure I get caught up again on the blog and then BLAMMO...tummy bug hits, meaning I had absolutely zero time to spend in the Word let alone doing this retreat. Satan works in interesting ways; he always tries to find a way to steer us wrong and make us veer off course, but even when you persevere, he just looks for another avenue. Sorry guy, you're not winning this one ;)

Today's focus:
1 John 3:17-24
If a person owns the kinds of things we need to make it in the world but refuses to share with those in need, is it even possible that God’s love lives in him? My little children, don’t just talk about love as an idea or a theory. Make it your true way of life, and live in the pattern of gracious love.
There is a sure way for us to know that we belong to the truth. Even though our inner thoughts may condemn us with storms of guilt and constant reminders of our failures, we can know in our hearts that in His presence God Himself is greater than any accusation. He knows all things. My loved ones, if our hearts cannot condemn us, then we can stand with confidence before God.  Whatever we may ask, we receive it from Him because we follow His commands and take the path that pleases Him. His command is clear: believe in the name of His Son, Jesus the Anointed, and love one another as He commanded. The one who follows His teaching and walks this path lives in an intimate relationship with God. How do we know that He lives in us? By the gift of His Spirit.
These passages really speak some serious truth...first of all, you need to put your money where your mouth is. God calls us to love one another, care for our neighbor, and to be our brother's keeper. We need to take care of one another. This isn't only essential for spiritual purposes, but I truly believe that giving does a body good, and by body I mean it in a personal sense as well as us being the body of Christ-the church/the saved. Second, this says that despite what our hearts (or more likely our *heads*) tell us and remind us of our mistakes, we are loved and the presence of God is most definitely present in our lives. Don't get lost in feelings of self-pity, doubt, past mistakes...give it up to God! It's been mentioned time and again that God wants to have a relationship with us, he wants us to come to him! Finally, simply the gift of His spirit is enough to know that He lives in us...