Friday, April 25, 2014

Post-nesting place bliss

I recently wrote a review on a wonderful book that I have reviewed, and I'm excited to say that the effects of that book are still with me. In it, she talks about finding beauty in where you are NOW, and that decorating your home, or making a house a home for that matter, don't have to be expensive. 

I recently perused the shelves of the local craft store looking for SOMETHING to do...and I settled on some paper mache letters that I have painted and glittered for the girlies. I'll have to share a picture at some point...

It's amazing to see the transformation of a room with just a few details. But what's even more amazing is the transformation of a room when we *feel* different about it. Sure, the details can be lovely, but if you take time to love the space you're in, nothing can trump that!