Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Random musing: God-led decisions

I recently read something on Facebook that said "The devil doesn't doesn't show up painted red and with pointy horns, he shows up as everything we've ever dreamed of". 

That, folks, is some SERIOUS food for thought...

Several years ago we made a decision to move from our cute little town to the place where my husband grew up. It was *not* a God-led decision, it was a decision we made based on money and promises from people who realistically, should have never had the power to make our decision for us. Oh, but our fear of disappointing those people ran so deep, even when we had second thoughts we went anyway. Soon, it seemed like all of our dreams were coming true. And then slowly, one after another, our dreams turned to dust...slowly dismantled, piece by piece, at the hands of S*tan. I'm sure of that, yes I am. 

Everything about this move, about what we were getting ready to do, what we had done, how blessed we seemed to be, seemed too good to be true. We were telling someone in our homegroup about how blessed we felt when they chimed in and said "Remember, S*atan can call you to things, too. He can tempt you. Always pray before a decision is to be made." At the time I was actually really put off by their comment, but that stuck at the back of my mind each time something happened. 

That stuck at the back of my mind when I realized that I had participated in more than likely irreparable damage to relationships with people I desperately wanted to be close to, all because of things I expected (and at times, was under the impression the way they were to be) when we moved. That stuck at the back of my mind when the rug was pulled from under us and my husband was laid off not one, not two, but three times in just four years. That stuck at the back of my mind when we were going through financial hard times and I was told that we were tens of thousands of dollars upside down in our house. And that stuck in my mind when we finally said "enough was enough" and we made the awful decision to file for bankruptcy. Six years...six years of damage because I believe we were fooled...we were deceived. 

That six years represented more valleys in my life than I can even count. We hit some of our lowest of lows because of that decision. And I'm not saying all was lost because we made this decision, but I can say that we are now wiser and have grown from the experiences. After all, maybe God's hand *was* in it and we had to experience all of that in order to be where we are now. 

But, how do you discern between God's plan and God's promises versus the temptations of s*atan? What to do when there lies an opportunity in front of you, something that again represents something amazing and means so much to you, but you're just not sure about it? I have some knee-mail to get to, it seems.