Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful

The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful
Myquillyn Smith
Rating: Five stars
Where to begin? This was one of the easiest and most enjoyable reads I've had the pleasure of reviewing thus far. It gets a five/five star rating and I highly recommend it. The end. 
...Just kidding. Y'all know I'm long-winded ;)
While perusing the BookLook available books I came across this one. Since I literally breathe anything decorating-related, I was thrilled to find this book. I was in for a great surprise, as this is so much more than a "how to make your house pretty" book. It really took me by surprise.
Since I apparently live in a cave with no TV and a limited understanding of the potential of the interwebs (did I say that right?), I was unaware that the author of this book also runs a popular blog with lots of followers and amazing decorating/home ideas and advice. This book chronicles her journey from house to home, literally, 13 different places of residence. It also includes tips for renters, tips on choosing which type of home you'd like to create, and of course, beautiful pictures of her amazingly beautiful lived-in home. *swoon*
In addition to all the money-saving tips, the author suggests finding beauty in where you are and not living for "the next house". It's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to have mismatched pillows, and it's okay to not live in perfection. What matters is making a home where you and the people you love feel comfortable. She speaks about embracing things in all their majesty, from ugly carpet to cookie cutter plastic. There really is beauty in everything, you just have to try and see it. 
Hi, my name is Christina, and I live in a crappy rental.
That's why this book really struck a chord with me. Coming from a fellow renter really meant something to me, she understood the plight of the everyday renter...not being able to do whatever you want with a space, maybe not having the resources or not wanting to spend the money on someone else's house, I found this particularly useful for me. Her suggestions on decorating for your family and using the space that you have were brilliant-especially when it comes to having a husband who is hesitant to spend any money because we won't see the return. The pictures were a real inspiration-she uses things like logs and plates to decorate her home-something I can definitely do. The best part about the book was that this all seemed so doable!
But like I said, this is so much more than a "how to" book...
For me, it spoke about contentment. I have been convicted of having a jealous or greedy heart before (paper my post on paper blinds), but lately with all of my friends buying gorgeous homes or moving to places where they have, you know, trees...I've been really discontent with my situation. I longed for a place to call my own, to make my own garden and pick out my own flooring and paint. The author speaks of her epiphany-when a famous stranger died-but this book led to my own personal epiphany that home is what we make it...I need to examine myself and discover what type of environment I'd like to create for my family. I've envisioned myself in a comfortable, functional, yet well-decorated home, and I certainly can't do that if I'm living in "nexthouseland". 
All in all, a great book, a fantastic and easy read, and very easy to relate to. I give it five stars and I highly recommend you go over and pre-order the book here!
Disclosure: I was provided this book in exchange for my opinion. All opinions expressed here are my own, awesome opinion!