Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adults should act like adults

Recently I had a falling out with a friend over a ridiculous misunderstanding. Rather than work it out, this person chose to sling mud at me until I felt lower than dirt. 

Since when did it become okay for adults to act like the third grade bully on the playground? Since when can people be okay with acting like that? What happened to rising above the circumstances and hearing someone out? We mustn't rush to snap judgments because our own perspective is skewed...

It is also extremely important to remember that, in our digital age-something that makes communication and keeping in touch very easy, it is also extremely easy to misconstrue something that we are reading on a screen. We cannot hear the tone of voice in which something is said, we can only *assume*, thus putting our own spin on what someone has written. 

I don't know where this friendship will go from here, as there has been significant damage done. But, I trust the Lord that He will guide me through this bump in the road and if He sees fit, repair of the relationship will happen. Why? Because God is good!